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  1. elkikko92

    Actually I see two problems in planetside 2 gameplay:
    - same battles in the same territories: so, no territory strategy
    - galaxy useless: the players use only sunderers

    My idea to make more enjoyble the game is:
    - make ALL big outposts capturable
    - give deploy ability to the galaxy only on landing pads (im not sure to this condition)

    Gameplay example:
    Indar has big battles on 4-5 territories on the faction edge: none faction is able to capture more territories.
    A platoon organized can take 4 galaxies from the warpgate. Go to an internal enemy big outpost; deploy on the 4 landing pads; hack the veichles terminals; buy some sunderers and deploy in good position around the outposts.
    After, capture the big outpost and try to capture new internal territories.

    We'll see more galaxies on the sky: when a player see a galaxy, he think: "oh, the enemy want to capture a big outpost, lets try to defend it with air veichles".

    Maybe my idea has some problems: please write your opinion and fix my initial idea!
  2. elkikko92

    the idea is simple: all big outposts can be captured. No comments?
  3. Demigan

    Allowing big outposts to be attackable 100% of the time is a bad idea. You would suffer problems with stalkers trying to ghost-cap them all the time and while allowing people to use more teamplay sounds great it is the way you achieve that teamplay that should benefit the game. For example it takes effort to get everyone into Galaxies and to attack a facility when you finished a fight. So that sound like a fair amount of effort and "skill" to capture a facility right?
    But the defenders dont have a nice "we finished the fight and can leave" moment to re-organize, they need to immediately react, redeploy en-mass within a time limit that the attackers did not have to deal with to the base or into Galaxies and then fight an uphill battle against point rooms that are designed to protect the one holding it.

    So the teamplay, as much as you can call "everyone redeploy into Galaxies and drop/spawn on base X" teamplay, is much more demanding for the defenders than the attackers, making it easier to take a base than to defend it. This is neither fun nor fair especially since you could at any point lose access to MBT's for example.

    A hybrid lattice/hex system sounds more awesome. You organize area around a larger more important facility. So the bases surrounding a techplant are linked to the facility itself. The lattice link now connects this facility to the next big facility, meaning you can attack all bases belonging to that particular base.
    Capture times would depend on the adjacency system. Capturing a base that you have a border with goes faster, capturing a base you have no border with at all takes ages. This gives attackers the option to attack bases farther back but encourages attacking the one's you border with first.
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  4. elkikko92

    I like the idea of HYBRID LATTICE / HEX SYSTEM, combined with the alerts (I write a lot of threads about this).
    Actual lattice system is very boring: no strategy and same battles at the same territories.

    I hope the developers read this and consider a new lattice system for the future. (I remember they implemented this on PST with bad results)

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