Friendly icons showing red on the main map

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  1. 01101010

    Defending. I honestly changed my hud defaults to yellow for NC, teal for VS, and red for TR now. I don't know what the hell is going on with the map icons - but I turned off the ally and enemy icons for now and just go by the minimap.
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  2. FateJH

    I don't understand why factions color settings don't apply for more things that color-coded by faction ownership for convenience. My capture points are one color in the game and another color on my minimap; Infantry are separate colors depending at wghich map I look too! If they didn't differ between <A> and [A] I don't think I could tell who owned was standing on what anymore.

    (Plus, capture points on the minimap have this strange "I'm just going to keep on blinking even though there's no one turning me" thing going on after GU7. What a fake out.)
  3. Candyballz

    Thanks for all the posts, guys! Maybe we can get some attention for this. Also, thanks for the breakdown on how the bugs forum works =D
  4. MFP_TK_01

    This isn't a bug, the color change is to reflect each empire. However, I do agree that the over view map should match the HUD mini, and I do agree that I prefer it the old way where your friends are blue, regardless of what faction you play for, and your enemies are red, again regardless of what faction you play. Honestly, its not a big deal if I have the ability to tell the difference between a NC or a Vanu, I'm going to shoot at them anyways regardless of what information I have.
  5. Exolon

    Strictly speaking I suppose not - it is a HUD colour scheme after all, and the map screen isn't part of the HUD. It feels like a bug though, given that the colour scheme has applied to the map screen every since it was implemented, and the patch notes didn't mention any intended change to this.

    It also goes against the stated purpose of the feature "Color Blind Support: Phase 1", which introduced the HUD colours:
    Seems strange that they'd suddenly start taking that control away again, especially when there are even more colour-blind features in the pipeline v:confused:v

    Totally agree. I find I'm only really interested in distinguishing between enemy factions at a territorial control level, i.e. the region colours on the map. Like you said, when it comes down to individual units, the important thing is knowing whether you should be shooting at them or not; unfortunately, with the way things are now, this isn't always easy to do!
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  6. Candyballz

    Well said, Exolon.

    Free's me up to make a ****-post:

  7. Rebelgb

    Look people its not on purpose, its a bug. SOE just hasnt fixed it yet. Not sure what the damn hold up is. Sucks though.
  8. bobzebrick

    Thanks for making the effort to show this.

    Also please send me whatever the devs were smoking when they decided to go with this system.
  9. LibertyRevolution

    I am on ally vs enemy color settings.. on the minimap my friendly units blue, but on the big map it is faction colored.
    I see blue sunderer on the map, think it is a friendly and walk over to change class and get dead, because it is enemy NC sunderer...

    I open the map to check the status of the substation control points, they are all blue, cool, we own them all nothing to worry about..
    Where are all these NC coming from??? Oh wait.. those are NC held substations...

    This needs a hotfix...
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  10. Skippytjc

    I had all enemies set to red, now they arent. Did they change it or just reset my settings?
  11. BlueSkies

    This was driving me nuts last night...

    bump for attention
  12. Obscura

    Reset your faction colors then relog, I had this same problem and now VS are showing as purple on my minimap. I have NC and TR as red when I play VS, and then I switch NC to blue and VS and TR to red when I play NC.
  13. TomaHawk

    Yes, and noticed the following:

    1. This broke on the last patch (surprise...? well no, because that's the pattern of PS2 'updates' so far).
    2. I never changed the colors from before the patch, but it remains to be seen if changing the colors to something else, then back to original (red for VS and NC and blue for friendly TR) fixes this. Ill try tonight.
  14. kadney

    I am still waiting for the option that allows us to use the colors pre GU5 (?). Or simply add more options.
  15. JordannPB

    This is so annoying, it needs to be addressed immediately.
  16. Exolon

    I've got a ticket with Support at the moment, but they're having trouble reproducing the problem. If any of you haven't contacted Support about this yet, consider doing so - the more details we can provide, the easier it should be for them to fix.
    Thanks for the suggestion - sadly this didn't solve the problem for me. I also tried deleting UserOptions.ini, but no luck.
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  17. Sen7ryGun84

    Yeah after GU07 it was driving me mental, i just ended up swapping all my hud colors back to empire defaults (red TR, blue NC ,purple VS) because all the red on the map was throwing me off.

    I'm still kind of getting through that adjustment period where I occasionally blow away a friendly as I come around a corner and see a red dorito over his head though lol.
  18. Exolon

    Haha yeah... I tried the Empire Colours scheme when it was introduced, but I could not get used to it.

    Today's screenshots (post-hotfix):



    Seems like the NC are least affected... it's a CONSPIRACY! :eek:

    Incidentally, there's another thread for this over in the Gameplay Bugs forum - it would be helpful if you could all head over to and "Like" the first post - that's apparently how they prioritise the fixes. Thanks everyone!
  19. Armchair

    Argh, why does SOE keep insisting on messing with the colors!?!?!

    Just let people pick their own colors and then use those colors for all the UI elements.

    While they're at it, they should let us define colors for more elements. Like alpha, bravo, charlie, and delta squads.
  20. Candyballz

    This was the first thing I did after I couldn't find a setting for it, and it didn't work. I wish it were that easy to get around this bug. I'm gonna go in-game and get a support ticket going. I cant believe they cant reproduce it? Are only a small number of us affected? Post if you use enemy vs ally and the map DIDNT switch to empire specific!