FPS Rise and Drops

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Blackarro18, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Blackarro18

    Hi, I've been experiencing a very strange problem within this game and others where my frame rate is decreasing significantly for a period of time before going back up and alternating every 20-30 sec or so. it will drop down to under 10 fps for no reason at all apparently.

    Here are some facts to help with maybe identifying the culprit:
    1. I'm not moving or in a high population area during the frame drops
    2. Running on minimal Graphics settings
    3. Optimized CPU and GPU settings for best performance.
    4. Game usually runs smoothly with my hardware at 30-40 fps
    5. Not overclocking or have any other programs open while running
    6. no firewall activated
    7. No anti-viral software running at the time of the game (but computer is clean)

    I have a 3 GHZ processor Duo-Core , 5670 Radeon Graphics Card, 8 gigs of RAM

    What would cause this to happen? I'm getting 80% cpu capacity while running the game, but the fact that it previously worked and now its being like this makes me think its nor my rig.
  2. jettblakk

    I am having similar problems in the last few days. No change in my computer, settings or internet serves or anything else on my end that has changed or i can change. I usually get 30+ fps. now it is usually under 20. Is there any change in the last updates/hot fixes that could have caused this, and is there any changes i can make to the game setting to offset this? mst of my graphic settings are high, so is will start with dumbing down the fidelity. After that, what can i do?
  3. Blackarro18

    Oh and one more thing thats probably really important, its not just Planetside 2, but also Tera Rising that's causing the same kind of lag. But I'm fine on low cpu-use games like LOL
  4. Bullborn

    I get similar issue when opening GUIs (i.e the loadout screen). Turning off smoothing helped for me, so you could try that.