Former ES Sunderer Rear Gun Issues

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by Ven Moonwall, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Ven Moonwall

    Yeah I know this should probably go under Place Bugs Here. But this is serious issue with testing these :/
    About a year ago there was the idea to implement ES Sunderer Rear Gun (Aurora LRB for VS, MR12 Siegebreaker for TR, and something something 4 Paladin for the NC).
    When the idea for using them as sunderer ES guns was scrapped, they were moved to being Harasser top guns and MBT secondary guns.... however there is a major problem with testing them.

    The NC Paladin is listed, Harasser Gun and Vanguard Gunner ...., and perfectly able to test on both Harasser and Vanguard.
    The TR Siegebreaker is only available as a Prowler secondary and in the stats window is listed as a Sunderer Rear Gun, with an issue equipping its Reload Speed modification.
    The VS Aurora LRB is NONEXISTANT. It is neither listed for Harasser or the Magrider.

    I really enjoy playing with the Paladin and i would love to help test the others so this can go to live, but its REALLY hard to do when one doesn't even seem to exist and the other is only partially available to test.
  2. Ven Moonwall

    I know all of the models should already be in the game and all that is really left would be stat balancing to make this ready to go onto live. Y'all could easily use this to break up the monotonous routine of 1 new infantry gun a month. If y'all fix this that would be amazing so I can help test these more :|

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