[Suggestion] Force field shield for Heavy assault

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by InexoraVC, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. InexoraVC

    Add a force field shield (FFS) for heavy assault (HA) as an option instead of rocket launcher. What about it ?

    HA's rocket launchers are almost useless in crowded infantry fights scenarios. If you defend your base it is very uneffecient to use rocket launchers against infantry because of long reload period, low splash damage, slow aiming down the sight. Actually RL's slot is useless.
    And devs can add an option to put ForceFieldShield to this slot instead of RL and player can choose what to use.

    The main purpose is to make HA more usefull for team play and withstand zerling's attacks. Example scenarios:
    1. attacks: HA jumps in to the room with capture point and enemies. Turns FFS on and focus all foe's fire on himself, die happily. While friendlies do their job of eliminating enemy presense in that room. Upon being revived acts according to the next scenario
    2. defence: stand near the wall edges or behind the defensive barriers and prevents zerlings attacks. Kill zerg - activate FFS - move to the cover or push forward - deactivate FFS - restore/reload - ... and so on
    3. protect HA against air-to-ground attack. Because now infantry is defenceless against AI weapons installed on aircrafts.
    4. protects friendlies from headshots if there are many enemy infiltrators

    Force Field Shield features as I see it:
    1. acts specified period of time with recharge delay. Like nanite mesh generator. Can adsorb specified amount of damage (1000 for example)
    2. protects only from front side attacks and fully front cover HA if crouched. If HA is standing up, FFS protects head, body and legs above knees
    3. stacks with HA's ability slot (nanite mesh generator, resist shield, adrenaline shield)
    4. does not stack with implants, e.g. implants have no effect to how FFS acts
    5. while active: decrease forward/backward moving speed and jumps - 40%, does not decrease strafing ability
    6. obvious: acts like separate weapon slot, so HA can't have FFS active while shooting main weapon or pistols. But switching to primary or secondary weapon slot should be fast enough

    I know that NC's maxes have something similar. But Maxes are too expensive, too big and actually can be used in very narrow range of scenarios.

    For those who is familiar to Call of Duty: FFS is an advanced version of Riot Shield

    What do you think about it ?
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  2. adamts01

    Launchers are invaluable against Maxes. HAs already dominate fights. They don't need any buffs.
  3. InexoraVC

    I do not suggest to deny launchers (e.g. nerf HA). I suggest to add more options player can choose.
    Lets look at Light Assault class. It can be Ambusher/Skirmisher/Icarus/Drifter and with a lot of options: nano weave armor/flight suit etc. These options combined allow player to choose or make class that best suits for current situation or gamestyle or squad commands. Why not to make the same for HA ?

    Lets look at Engineer class. It can have an AI or AV specialization. For example: AV mana turret + archer + vehicle repair grenades.
    Even MAXes have at least 3 specialization - AV, AI, AA.
    Why not to add options for HA and allow a new tactics to be born? Many "salty vets" will be happy.

    P.S. I do not suggest to nerf or buff HA.
  4. chamks

    dude i love it. i love you. that is an excellent idea
  5. OneShadowWarrior

    Unfortunately the heavy assault class had their light machine guns nerfed, nano weave no longer protect against head shots and their shields nerfed from a 650 value to 450 with less time charging and staying up.

    It’s a noble concept to post this, doubt it will ever happen.
  6. InexoraVC

    Ok, thank you for your replies. However judging by the lack of comments this proposal is not in demand.
  7. TR5L4Y3R

    HAs already have the overshieldvariants
    default rocket launchers are noobtubes, good for spamming into chockepoints even with the high reloadtimes (know how to supress) same with high capacity lmgs ..

    maxes may be expensive but they are the class to block chokepoints or supress them while tanking damage with a supportengy

    then you also have engineers with deployable walls that basicaly fulfill the function you ask for ..
    HAs can asp into it ..

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