[Suggestion] For Those Who Complain About Infiltrators and My Suggestions

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Scroffel5, May 14, 2019.

  1. Scroffel5

    Note: This is a repost in reply to another person saying we should rebalance Infiltrators. It is taken out of context, so bear with me.

    First off, you should never stand still, no matter who you aim at. I don't care if it is an infil, a max, a heavy, or a tank that isn't moving. You. Never. EVER. Stand. Still. That is an easy headshot for ANYONE, not just snipers. Here how I think you are dealing with infiltrators.

    OP: *stands still to shoot at extreme threat target*
    Infiltrator: *snipes OP*
    OP: "Aw man. I died to an Infiltrator. No biggie.
    OP: *does the exact same thing*
    Infiltrator: *snipes OP again and thinks "Is this dude stupid?"*
    OP: "Them stupid infiltrators killed me again. Ugh I hate them!*
    OP: *stands still once again*
    Infiltrator: "Easy shot." *headshots OP*
    OP: "AHGUAJLHFJAIHDKLJAHDAHIPOAHDPAOHDPAO I am gonna get these guys rebalanced or removed!!!*
    OP: *heads to the forums*

    See the problem? When you stand still, you are an easy target. Whether or not you repeatedly get sniped, the problem is that instead of complaining about being insta-killed via headshot from a bullet shot by a sniper rifle, you should have gone after the Infiltrator. A weakness of Infiltrators is their mindset. When they get a good position, get one or two kills, they are going to stay in that position till they run out of ammo, get bored, or die. When you kill an Infiltrator in his snipers perch, he can't go back there. If he does, he is stupid, because when you see your team getting sniped, you just go back and kill him. That is how you are supposed to deal with an Infiltrator, and that is how everybody deals with me. I lay down few rounds, regardless of kills, they come and find me. I kill someone, they come after me, unless they are stupid. I am too close to them? They come after me.

    You beat Infiltrators in a mind game, and in turn, beat them in the real game. You can't just complain about how they have 1 hit kill weapons, because in every game, they have one of those. The downside of sniper rifles is chamber time, fire rate, and ammo. Sure, theoretically if a BASR had 40 shots in all, you could get 40 kills. That is only if all your bullets kill, which they rarely do. You'd have to be a pretty good aim, but to be honest, think about how many kills you would get if you were a Heavy Assault or a MAX or any other class if you had that good of an aim. Infiltrators just get the element of surprise. They are made for long range. However, give a sniper rifle to any other class, and they could do just as well. Sniper Infiltrators are not a problem.

    Lets talk about Stalkers now. Stalkers can only use a side arm. I think they shouldn't be completely invisible, but that is just my opinion. Stalkers however, rarely contribute to a battle. A squad full of stalkers camping a point does, though, but you have to admire that craziness. The reason I think stalkers shouldn't be completely invisible is that you can't find them without a darklight, unless you see them moving or you see them uncloak. They can rack up quite a few kills for the sole reason of surprise and can cause havoc to a base with hacking everything and camping vehicle terminals, which helps a bit, but I would like them to have like a weird, watery effect for their cloak that takes a trained eye to see, because it could just look like motion blur or something when you are moving. I am not suggesting something extremely easy to see, because that would be detrimental to their playstyle, but not being able to find them without paying 100 certs is kind of a bummer when they are killing your team.

    Last, lets talk about SMG Infiltrators. They do pretty well if you have good aim, but they are relatively easy to take down, because of them having less health. Despite this, I would want SMG's to be removed from this class and scout rifles to be buffed. I'd like those to be the only automatic primaries available to Infiltrators. Why? Because they are underused and Infiltrators are a class that are trained for headshots, they should be heavily rewarded to use them. The Tomoe is a great example of a Scout Rifle, but I want that headshot multiplier even higher. I'd like all Automatic Scout Rifles buffed in headshot multipliers and firerate, except for the Tomoe, which I just want a slightly higher headshot multiplier. The Semi Automatic Scout Rifles should be buffed in fire rate, like the Vandal, with their different trade offs.

    TL;DR: the Stalker Infiltrators, SMG Infiltrators, and Automatic Scout Rifle Infiltrators in my opinion need work, but BASR Infiltrators are fine where they are. SASR Infiltrators are better on TR and VS side, and should be taken use of. They require even better aim, but have a faster fire rate and no bolt.
  2. Jingstealer

    At this point infils do not really fill any role in the game. It's the tool of choice for kill ****** because the class is sickly OP. In PS1 they had jobs to do other than kill ****, like hack missions, smuggle router pads etc etc. Like so many things in PS2, they have no purpose here. If you ask me they could be removed without harming the game in any way.
  3. Scroffel5

    They do have roles to fill. They hack things, like terminals and base turrets, and that in itself can change the tide of a battle. They also provide recon and can easily get into a base. Now, if you want things the way they are in PS1, to give Infiltrators more to do, add vehicle hacking and whatever this router pad smuggling is.

    Sure, they could be removed from the game without hurting anything, but so could the Light Assault. So could the Medic. All these classes do is light damage to vehicles, unless you choose C4, and all the Medic does is heal and revive. You don't need to be healed or revived if you just don't die or get shot, and we have Implants and a resupply terminal to take over for the medic. We also have Med kits and Restoration kits. Would the game be the same or as fun? Nope.
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  4. brutes359

    Looking at this. i Think theirs more gripe with SMG cloakers than snipers. And that's mostly due to how crappy dark light flashlights are at marking them. they really do need to bring back REAL thermal optics. Get rid of this whole "Threat Detection Optics" crap that only marks vehicles. if infantry had dedicated devices for spotting cloakers than these kinds of complaints would typically fade away as the cloakers have a realistic and reliable counter.
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  5. Yusnero

    ya estan contentos?? con esa camara de muerte eliminaron completamente lo que es ser un franco tirador, yo deje el juego por eso y me enfurece que nadie se da cuenta que todas las clases tienen sus pros y sus contras, yo puedo decir aliminen al soldado ligero por que vuela y esplota los veiculos con c4 y y tiene un lanza granadas ,o puedo decir eliminen al ingeniero por que sus minas esplotan los veiculos que pasan. estan bufando todas las clases menos a los infiltrados mierda -.- , y con la camara de muerte para que sirve ahora el infiltrado ?? si voy a piratear algo no puedo matar a nadie por que va a saber donde estoy -.- , el silenciador pierde valor -.- , yo soy alguien que siempre jugo infiltrado por eso les puedo decir que no estan tan OP y con la pinche camara de muerte de mierda (gracias por cierto daybreak ) mataron en parte al infiltrado por unos jugadores que llevan años jugando y todavia no saben que pueden moverse mientras curan o reparan veiculos.

    infils just the low skill level required to play class for easy kills,they will never do anything to reduce or nerf them or give em missions,Mainly because theyre pushing hard to sell memberships for this stupid campaign and new kids just love going invisible ,and killing dudes from behind,me personally iv unsibbed this in protest of 1,poor campaign missions ill thought out ,2 having played 4 hours a night for 3 days managing to get on the shattered map twice in that time,3 im sick of fighting agains vr forces thats made up of %30-50 cloakers its no fun so im not paying for it wow is better and costs less
  7. Sasshin

    M-muh MANA Turret build giving me ohk immunity...
  8. Trigga

    Does anyone else find it ironic that an infil is telling people not to sit still, when the infil itself gets a ******* cloak to allow them to do exactly that with impunity.

    Then same infil claims this is the reason they are balanced :confused:
    Wish i got a cloak so i could spend as much time as i like lining up my shot with one of the highest velocity weapons in the game, and being able to wait for the optimum moment to shoot almost guaranteeing my success. Id love to then be able to belittle players who dont get this massive crutch, and dont have the ability to see a cloaked infil 300m away...
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  9. Blam320

    I think the bigger issues are the inconsistency of Darklights at spotting nearby Infiltrators, and the ability for the class to decloak and OHK any non-MAX class in the game with a CQC sniper, which in and of itself exploits the game's clientside behavior so the player only appears for a fraction of a second on the victim's screen, giving them zero time to react.
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  10. BlazingTiger

    Long range snipers has always been an annoyance but my main beef is with the CQC Sniper. They should have never been a high threat to you in close range, especially Indoors (where HA exceed and where all other classes can perform exceptionally well), they become a big threat. There's no real counter against it too. An HA class should be a counter in itself but even an HA can get OHK in the close range. If you're unfamiliar with this CQC sniping, I don't know where you have been.

    Keep the OHK, but give me a chance to react/counter it up close.
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  11. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Not particularly, since it's not as if this is some Dark Art or Forbidden Technique we're talking about; it's pushing a button sometimes. The amount of movement required to make them miss from their mountaintop is so trivial most of the time people do it on accident. I've lived through entire firefights with snipers taking potshots at me by not sitting still.

    To this day I wait for a well-reasoned argument showing this to be the case instead of salt and insults.

  12. brutes359

    In all honesty, all they need to do to rebalance the infiltrator is add a dedicated scope that lets you spot them from further then two feet away. Darklights problem is that its so close range that by the time you've revealed your target. Hes killed you five times over with an SMG. Other than that. I see nothing wrong with them.
  13. Exitus Acta Probat

    I spot them all the time without a darklight

    The problem I have is there is no "light" or "scope" to eliminate the heavy assaults over shield
  14. Obscura

    I've been playing stalker infil with lumine edge quite a bit lately, and there's three things that deter me more than anything.

    1. Always MOVE and move forward, do not crouch and camp when you are doing a large infantry push. Do not bunch up! Players bunched up are just asking for me to run up and drop two mines and kill 7 of you before I die. Then I run back to the same group, and drop two more and kill more of you(usually the same ones lol)

    2. If you are bogged down during said push, put up as many spitfires as you can

    3. Being aware, pay attention to your allies, if you are in a fire fight shooting ADS at enemies without pause you are a prime target.

    You know you're doing well as stalker infil when you are bountied 3-5 times in 1 hr of gameplay.
  15. Fyrethorne

    Idk about the other factions, but NC medic had special disruption ammunition that removes 75 shield health and a chunk of energy charge per shot. It took some of the flat damage, but for heavy hunting it is a treat.

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