For CQC, Eridani or Sirius? Why?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by OddOstrich, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. OddOstrich

    Just a quick question, I hear a lot of conflicting things. Some even telling me I should wait for a patch or something. It's very confusing.
  2. Kaibah

    I'd say the Sirius is superior. There's not really THAT huge of a difference between the two stat wise (if I remember right), but the Sirius gets 50 shots in each battery. Reloading constantly sucks, so more shots can be pretty handy if there's multiple enemies in the area. Why not go to VR training and try 'em both out?

    As for people telling you to wait for a patch? I dunno what they're saying, but I assume they're suggesting the possibility that new SMGs might be released in the future. It's likely, but I don't expect that for a while.
  3. PaperPlanes


    Sirius. It is a bullet hose. Per magazine it can push out more damage than the Eridani.
    Try both in the VR and see what you like though.
  5. GrimShott

    Sirius...Its higher capacity magazine helps you out when outnumbered.
  6. RasFW

    I go Artemis, honestly. Get an Artemis with a silencer. The gun is dead silent and will still be able to drop infantry in a little less than half a clip if you can aim. Particularly useful when you're actually infiltrating a base. My #1 gun is the knife because it makes a non-faction distinct sound. But if I get the stab and they start running, a hipfire artemis will take them out quickly and quietly.

    Also, its a pretty cheap option to buy with certs.
  7. Brusilov [TR]

  8. Ztiller

    There really isn't any reason to pick the Eridani over the Sirius.
  9. OddOstrich

    Thanks fellas, I'll try both guns out! I did not even know about the training thing. Had to look it up, heh.
  10. Veri

    The Serious.
    Wanted a new toy due to my cert collection over this double XP weekend.
    SMGs and the pump action were on my list.
    Chose the SMGs and it was very wortwhile.

    I ended up going with the Sirius because:-
    Higher ROF than the Erandi
    Larger mag
    The strange horn things on either side which just it the Vanu look
    The cool piston like animation on either side of the gun when firing.
  11. Element515

    I went with the eridani... I don't know if i regret it or not. I wanted to go with the sirius since it has an awesome animation and it has 50 rounds, but the eridani reloads so much faster. I'm still stuck in between honestly if I would have preferred the other. Eridani hits a little harder I think per shot... but in crowded rooms, a bullet hose may be better.

    Also, sirius will have more slots for attachments since it has 50 rounds, no need for extra capacity increase and you can put on a laser sight instead.
  12. Rhyl

    A friend of mine has both and actually prefers the Eridani. It has better accuracy as well when you use the aim down sights as well making it a bit more decent for further range encounters for those that are "just outside" the Sirius optimal reach. On top of this it does do more damage per shot. Owning both he has stated that he "blows through" a single target much quicker with the Eridani and with extended mag it has enough ammo to go through two people which he feels is all it needs.

    Your mileage may vary. Most prefer the Sirius as do I but the Eridani does have it's good points.
  13. Ripshaft

    They're both solid weapons, the stat differences in actual play are not nearly as different as it would seem... Basically choose based on the handling you enjoy. I've allready dropped a crapton into my eridani, and I quite like it, though if I could have chosen between the two, I definately would have grabbed the sirius. I never would have imagined in a million years they would have released another smg with double the base magazine capacity and still able to equip an adv laser sight.... and also able to equip a foregrip and compensator... madness.
  14. Fishie

    Yeah... If I hadn't unlocked the Eridani with certs, I would have felt pretty darn cheated. Still kind of smarts I dumped all those certs into a pretty much inferior SMG, but ah well. You got me, SOE.
  15. OddChelsea

    I'd go original SMG for infiltrator, new for everything else. Mainly because as an infil you don't really need those extra bullets and the decreased TTK is great and you can cloak to reload quickly. However I did enjoy my cyclone very, very much on all classes before I got the blitz. The armistice I regret getting. I do not own the eridani but I do own the sirius and Jesus, that thing rips anyone except a max apart if they don't blow my face off with a pump action.

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