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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Infinn, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Infinn

    We at Fluid Gaming are now Openly Recruiting and with the server merges under way we are accepting Mattherson recruits. We have established a solid base of players and are looking to add to our ranks. We separate ourselves from other Soltech/Mattherson VS outfits by being among the Best while having a Semi Serious and Fun attitude
    Our Simple requirements:
    1. Be active (In-game, forums, and Mumble)
    2. Have a positive and Friendly attitude
    3. Follow orders to the best of your abilities
    4. Help others
    We are recruiting all playstyles and are looking for all roles, We encourage and openly accept New players to PS2. We enjoy the opportunity to teach the basics, whether it be live in game or with our helpful guides.
    We at Fluid Gaming offer:
    • Platoon and Squad XP Boosts on platoon nights and special occasions
    • Mumble
    • Forums with Expert and Personal Class and Vehicle guides
    • A Layed back and helpful environment
    • A Fluid Only Forum to voice opinions, problem, and improvements
    • Open minded leadership that treats everyone as equals, even if out ranked
    • A Dedicated Air Force (but are always in need of pilots and gunner) (We have about 5 to 6 Libs with every gun)
    • Room to expand in anyway you imagine (Tank division, Infiltration squad, Front Lines, etc...)
    Simply Fill out an application (http://www.fluid-gaming.com/joinus)
    Then do one of 3 things:
  2. Infinn

    Squad Night Sunday night before the merger. Come join the fun
  3. Quentmnaster

    I'll be joining Mattherson tonight as vanu, so count me in!
  4. Infinn

    Good deal bro, might have to wait for the merger before we can squad up, but Glad to have you.
  5. Infinn

    Platoon night on Soltech sunday night..
  6. Infinn

    Another successful Platoon night!!! To the top
  7. Infinn

    Platoon night is Monday come join in the action
  8. Infinn

    To the top!
  9. Infinn

    Well done tonight, Warpgated TR tonight while teaching some new recruits
  10. Infinn

    New server and MASSIVE LAG.. hopefully that is fxed.
  11. Infinn

    Platoon night is MOnday, we rotate it so it hits every 8 days. That way everyone can enjoy Platoon night and we video the training so one does not miss out
  12. Infinn

    Our AA MAXes are forming up about to start making it rain with Mossy and reaver remains
  13. Infinn

    Adding more member and still in need of more. Joining is simple submit an app, wait for mumble info jump on and you are done
  14. Infinn

    Productive Random platoon night
  15. Infinn

    Platoon night tonight!!! Join the action
  16. Infinn

    Excellent job at Mani Biolab tonight guys.. survived the NC max rushes and held it the entire server primetime
  17. Infinn

    New things are upon us!!
  18. Infinn

    To the TOp and promoting our Youtube, Fluidvsgaming just the first few downloads more to come including a podcast
  19. Infinn

    Still growing and by stats, we have a 90% activity within our outfit.
  20. Infinn

    Platoon night is coming up tuesday

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