File modification detection and anti-hacking measures incoming soon.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sites, May 19, 2016.

  1. NellyG

    Goodbye NC Iron Wolves and TR Recursion.
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  2. Scatterblak

    There's *no* valid reason to have hacks. End of story. If you have hacks, for whatever reason, you need to be gone.
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  3. DeatnKnight

    We will hear hackers here crying, and trying to find legit reasons to prevent them from losing their nonlegit privileges. Its pretty funny. Ive never experienced any of these "performance issues" and I've played many games with punkbuster, etc. Maybe you should upgrade your rig if you are having issues with such a minor program.
  4. Taemien

    Not everything is associated with a rig. Sometimes its network based. If such a detection program bugs out and sends a 1080p uncompressed screenie every second.. I could see there being some performance issues.

    But shouldn't have an issue if the anti-cheat is working properly. I know Punkbuster would derp out sometimes in BF2142.
  5. Devilllike

    Pathetic scripters dont deserve a heads up i also wish you didnt say anything and just ban those pathetic losers
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  6. Devilllike

    No whitelists if you change files = ban you dont need more files than those you are given
  7. Pelojian

    do you even know what a whitelist is? knowing what files you are allowed to edit would be incredibly useful especially for those that have never tweaked their settings like useroptions. i highly doubt that useroptions is the only file players can legitimately tweak.
  8. Devilllike

    he already mentioned those files if you took the time to read the entire post
  9. Pelojian

    all what was said by sites was any file not verified by the launcher, that is pretty vague. the only files that seem to be ok'd in this thread are user options (by sites)and InputProfile files(by another forum user).

    that does not mean that there aren't other files players are allowed to tweak which aren't verified by the launcher.

    don't you think it would be useful to have a complete list verified by a redname on what files aren't verified by the launcher and are ok to tweak?
  10. Devilllike

    No i dont think its needed at all,the admin gave us the files that we can modify and there is no need to give ground to any more pathetic scripters
  11. Pelojian

    how is it 'giving ground' by posting what files can be safely tweaked without breaking the rules?

    anything the devs don't want us to touch can and is from time-to-time made absent from useroptions, i don't see how it would be any different with files they already allow people to tweak legitimately.

    if you don't like that people can legitimately change things you approve off then ask the devs to remove it from their ability to change.

    smoke is a good example of something which the player should not be able to change/turn off.
  12. Devilllike

    Everything related to graphics unless i am wrong is within the ini file that can be changed
  13. Pelojian

    a while ago i saw they were working around people turning off smoke by adding a low quality version. the low quality smoke in the image looked more like a cloud of ink.

    anything that could give you a gameplay advantage should be in the game's UI or not accessable at all. only stuff that is cosmetic or doesn't give any advantage should be tweakable (like colors of platoons/squads and their WPs etc)
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  14. DeatnKnight

    Makes sense.
  15. stalkish

    moronic behaviour......
  16. Devilllike

    i agree 100% i played both version since at first i had a low end laptop and i can cofnirm that the smoke is useless for lowend laptops in comparison with full graphics that i play now
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  17. vlaamseleeuw

    why not synchronize the network packets going in the ps2.exe / process with the packets going out.
    that way lagswitch don't work no more.