Fellows stalkers, what's you KDR ?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Moonheart, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Moonheart

    I play a stalker since a long time, and yesterday I took a look at my overall stats on http://planetside2/players
    Sadly enough, not too much at my surprise, I saw my Kill/Death Ratio is only of 0.7 and my Score Per Minute is stuck around 130... which doesn't look very good.

    I can't however tell if it's truly bad or not for the class, since the site doesn't allow you to see the average score of each class, and even less for the stalkers only.
    No stalker also seems to have made it into the leaderboard, so I can't even take a look at what a very good stalker can achieve, so I came here to ask directly to you.... what's your current score as a stalker?

    I'd like to figure what other infiltrators can do with the stalker cloak.

    yep u bad, sorry for that, can make a stalker guid in separate post
  3. Moonheart

    Your answer doesn't help. Are you maining stalker? What's your current kdr?

    I was a maining stalker in the past, this days i still play it from time to time and can reliably achieve 4KDR play sessions on average (from 3 up to 5). My overall KDR on this char is 2.2 this is my one and only char so it's pretty old. I am infantry main. Most important fact is my pc specs. Long story short is my average FPS = 35 (10-20fps in 96+ vs96+, ~45 in small to medium fights)

    check infil section for new post
  6. Moonheart

    I know you mean well... but I'm playing since 4 years and there is nothing left for me to learn in your guide.
    The reason why my kdr is low is nothing that simple, and it is not my purpose here to discuss this point.

    I'm rather trying to figure what's the real level of efficiency of stalkers... because, truly, there is absolutely none that made it to the leaderboards.

    check my guide again, i played today just to prove the point... this been made by guy with 45 average fps. What is your kdr? 0.7? Сan you make conclusions by yourself?

    It's efficient, but disrespected, thats why noone ever "made it to leaderboards' because nobody will respect such behavior.
  8. PlanetBound

    My K/D is .49 but the primary Stalker job isn't to rack up kills. I avoid that as much as possible because it interferes with being stealthy. What you can do are things that benefit your empire (at least some of the time).

    Hack terminals, ghost cap. When your base is attacked sneak around the base and put smoke on the enemy Sunderers.
    If you find spawn beacons destroy them. If you find an uncloaked Sunderer, you can crouch near it and it will show on the mini-map.
  9. Moonheart

    You're stubborn, I told you that I readed it and learned nothing from it.
    EVERYTHING you wrote, I knew it way before writing this thread.

    My problem is not a problem with knowledge.
    I just don't have the reflexes, precision or focus on farming to pull the results other would do with the same outfit
  10. TRspy007

    Stalkers have low spm and high kdr since all they do is sit in a spot and rack up unsuspecting kills. It's really low skill "gameplay" so if you have a kdr lower than 3-4 if you main stalker, you're pretty bad .

    Stalker infils usually have kdr above 7, since they do nothing but sit, get a few kills, redeploy once they've been noticed.

    You have to pick noob-looking targets, or people that are afk or busy shooting at something and nail them quickly in the head, than rinse and repeat. Also redeploy once you see you've been spotted.

    I don't encourage this, really boring, pathetic way to play this game. No idea why people even play this class
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  11. SabotRoach

    Hold your horses mate, pathetic is your answer, stalking is a legit playstyle.Same logic I could say how can tankers sit on a hill 24/7 HESHing bases, or ANT lovers farming cortium all day long, or MLG 144fps battle hardened/assimilate heavies playing overshield everyday not touching any other class, etc...
    It's the beauty of this game, a freedom of choice.
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  12. Badman76

    How do you play as a stalker?
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  13. TRspy007

    All those things you listed take more skill than stalking so idk what your point is lool
  14. Moonheart

    When I see people pretending stalkers have a kdr of 7 like you TRSpy, I can only wonder from where you pull out your numbers.
    There is no way to know the KDR of the stalker class as a whole because they never appear in the top ranked players.

    The only thing you can do is to harvest the name of stalkers you cross ingame, and then go to check their stats individualy.
    And since nobody answered my original question, that's what I did the last month.

    Every evening, I write down the names of stalkers I see ingame, and go check their stats.
    I've checked this way dozen of them.... and you know what? The top stalker so far had a KDR of 3.2.
    Not 7 in average among stalkers. 3.2 for the TOP stalker.

    I've watched the playstyle of those stalkers too, and noticed that unless they plan to ambush a vehicle terminal or to ghost cap, stalkers almost never stay still at spot longer than 30s, which is mostly spent replenishing their cloak energy, unless they are rooted at their position by too much enemies running around them.
    When embushing a terminal, most stalkers walk away from it after only one or two kills, and those who doesn't generally just get killed (thanks flashlight and kill cam)

    So, unless you can can give me the name of at least one stalker with 7 kdr to prove your claim, I'll just say you really should go learn what stalking truly looks like for real before pretending to judge people who play that every day.
  15. TommySharks

    I'm newbie stalker and i spoiled my stats badly while i was getting those 2-implant newplayer packs from each class directives. But once i done doing this my KDR slowly started growing. I'm changing servers from Cobalt to Miller (depends from latency, i preffer Cobalt but it sometimes jumps from 56ms into 132ms+ which is bad) and i have different sidearms i bought first for my stalkers: i have Emissary on Cobalt and Blackhand on Miller. Well, i must admit that when i bought Blackhand on my Miller account the things went too well for me. I dunno, maybe i caught luckstreak but in next hour i become a bounty for first time in this game lol on Amerish map xD with 10+ kills in a row xDD so thats already 10 KDR for you. I think its just a matter of how you feeling the environment. Stalker mode is all about awareness and environment control. While i'm learning i'm asking myself what i did wrong when i got killed every time.

    p.s. Duel with another stalker 1v1 on some quiet small base with 1 cap point - everything turns into pure mental game. You listen to surrounding sounds and trying to predict what your opponent will do. I had few duels already and i won all of them and i can't tell you how much satisfaction you get when you get that kill. Seriously, its strong mental games out there lol xDD
    Some stalkers even follow specific patterns and you can even predict what they do next. Some of them taking obvious positions when they capping a points. More clever guys taking uncommon risky positions like crouching in wide open just between two exits to have some choice to react. Some of them sprinting around without stop burning out their cloak and recloak on their way making huge noise around xDD Even if he's packed with sensor shield and deep operative even making stops to remain cloaked all the time - you still can hear his footsteps while he's sprinting. I'm not even use the flashlight to find another stalker. I just carefully listen to surrounding sounds and trying to figure out approximate position of my opponent then i move carefully there and look for him using crosshairs color change into red. Some of them when they come they directly head to vehicle terminal to hack it and pull out their sundy and start working with your base. Well, there enough of those patterns. All i can say i learned a lot dueling with other stalkers. Almost forgot: this kind of duels are only possible in quiet small bases - once ppl started to pop out and make more white noise around then its literally impossible to find a clever stalker even if he's running around with power-knife activated xDD

    p.p.s. In near future i plan to buy a power-knife and try a melee-maniac stalker style.

    I can just go and fight with others like SMG-infiltrator does but with more risk on my side. It is challenging but who told us that its impossible? I tried few times with Emissary pretending that i'm minor version of SMG-nanocloak infiltrator xDD Well, i failed xD But not because i was unable to kill my targets - i was just picking incorrect moments to strike without much awareness. I killed someone in the back and i died in next moment being killed also in the back xDD Yes, Emissary stalker is way weaker than smg-nanocloaker but packed with DO + Sensor shield you can create scenarios simply impossible for smg-infil...
  16. Mivadeth

    Moonheart, 0.7 KDR may be low but no one can tell you "you are bad lol" without watching your playstyle.

    That said, at least in my head, you can't define Stalker KDR because a Stalker, in fact, can:

    - Stay forever in the same spot, wait for someone, kill him, move, wait for another 20 min, repeat. Yes you mau get 12 kills in a row, so?

    - Move around the enemy base, try to knife kill ( no noise, no one notices you ), hack terminals... KDR may be low but you were more valuable.

    When your team get to use a temirnal on an enemy base, or use a hacked turret, or deploy a vehicle.. because YOU hacked the terminal. When you kill all the enemy snipers hiding on the mountains one by one woth your knife, so your Heavy Assaults and Medics can run freely in the battle. When you spot some enemies behind the walls with your motion spotter, or when you simply get to position yourself behind the enemy lines and get 2 or 3 kills before dying, your KDR may be low but your value, man, is very big.

    Don't worry that much about KDR, I am happy if my KDR is higher than 1, that means I kill always before dying. With time you will get that KDR. Stalker is not meant to just kill, is meant to kill VALUABLE targets as medics or snipers, is ment to hack, to deploy mines...

    Keep playing bro, and don't listen to haters ^^
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  17. Danko

    Very good comment Mivadeth, next time I play Stalker I'll use that approach.
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  18. Fragsteel

    As someone who mained Stalker for more than a year and has an Aurax'd knife, Mivadeth nailed it. KDR is drastically less meaningful to Stalkers as it is to other classes/playstyles. To maximize your KDR as a Stalker, you have to play conservatively, only going for top opportunities and ignoring others. You're not contributing to your team much and are effectively padding your stats.

    To be a good Stalker, you can't be too afraid to die.

    Imagine this situation: 10 enemy soldiers are holding a point, and 10 friendlies are advancing on that point. There's a constant push-pull as the teams are evenly matched.

    Now you stalk into the point, and right as a wave of friendly reinforcements are about to arrive, you start unloading on the enemies from behind. MOST of the enemies will hear the shots and turn to try and kill you. You might delay your death for a bit by cloaking behind cover and ducking around, but you will most certainly die quickly, possibly without getting a single kill.

    But in that moment, it's not a 10 vs. 10 fight - it's 10 friendlies vs. however many enemies didn't turn to shoot you. Even a 10 second distraction is enough for your friendlies to break the line and clean house.

    When that happens, you will have been more important to the team than the rockstar Heavy that nailed 4 enemies on his way in. You're the reason they won, and your KDR will not show that.

    There are lots of situations like that, and Mivadeth mentioned some of them. Don't play for the stats. Play for the team. Play for yourself.
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  19. TommySharks

    My KDR is low atm but its growing every day. Still learning in process. Making tons of mistakes. But i managed to avoid dying from darklight flashlights at all. I just take positions where i can observe atleast 20-30m around me to react if someone decides to roam around with flashlight...

    Now im dying mostly from reasons i dont understand yet... I'm sitting crouched and stationary under Deep Operative active buff not moving at all not making any sounds and ppl still somehow manage to see me. Usually, moving just through me or when they appear little bit in front of me so i think its IFF system working somehow through stealth but when i try to find someone using IFF system on reticle i can't. Is that some kind of special display settings or what? Cause when i sit under Deep Operative i barely my own weapon and ppl manage to see me from ranges up to 10m without any flashlight installed. Maybe the laser sight ray somehow reveals me? Any thoughts?
  20. TommySharks

    I know that feeling, man xDD I'm pretty much in same spot that is basically the one of reasons i play stalker cause it can compensate lack of performance with more strategical kills which is impossible for other classes and even some other Infiltrator builds (like smg nano-cloak for example) that are require stable 60fps+ minimum..