Favorite Squad Compositions

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  1. WTSherman

    I know people don't like being told which class to play, but I also know that a well-composed squad can perform its intended role a lot better than a constantly changing, random selection of classes.

    What are some compositions you've found particularly effective when running with an organized squad, or some that you would like to try if you could actually get people to play the classes you need?

    For example:
    Mid-range AA squad: 1 medic, 1 engineer, 10 HA's with lockon AA.
    Short-range AT/general squad: 2 medics (gonna need more heals), 1 engineer, 9 HAs with stock or Phoenix
    Long range AT squad: 1 medic, 1 engineer, 10 HAs with lockon AT or Lancer
    TR anti-everything squad: 1 medic, 1 engineer, 10 HAs with Striker
    General MAX squad: 2 medics, 5 engineers, 5 MAXes

    What are some good combinations you've found? Do LAs or Infiltrators work well in squads?
  2. TheBillOf3D

    Hmmm, a useful thread. Can't simply reply with nerf or L2P. This is perplexing.

    Yes LA and infil can be useful. Sniper can be more useful if they relay info. SMG infils can break up Max support. LA can relay useful info and bust up clusters.
  3. LivesInNameOnly

    thinly veiled nerf striker thread
  4. Sen7ryGun84

    2 Engineers, 3 medics, 2 Infiltrators (semi auto snipers for high accuracy squad support roles), the rest HA's using either strikers or grounders. I prefer grounders over strikers.

    Thats pretty much my f*ck-anything-that-gets-in-the-way squad. We use squad spawns and beacons for respawning (if necessary) and roll in a shield breaker sunderer.
  5. Neckaru

    Nothing but Infiltrators.

    I'd like to see that actually happen once in a while.
  6. WTSherman

    I know LA and infiltrators are useful solo, but they don't strike me as really being squad classes. For one thing, it's hard to be sneaky when you have 11 people following you, they often go for one-hit kills with C4, AP mines, or sniping (thus not really benefiting from spam) and running around in large groups just doesn't fit their intended role. Though a huge swarm of SMG infils with max-rank cloak would be annoying as heck for infantry.

    I suppose taking one or two along so they can disrupt the enemy might be useful, as long as you can keep them up to speed on their objective while they're running separately from the main squad.

    Taking more medics and engies can certainly improve survivability at the expense of firepower, and there does have to be a balance between the two.

    As far as preferring grounders over strikers, I can see that if you often face tanks in close quarters, where a dumbfire rocket is actually far better than lock-on. I can see why it's a good fit with a shield-breaker sundy.
  7. 660/12

    For gal dropping:

    Squad Leader --> LA, for getting down a beacon in a good spot ASAP
    3 maxes
    2 engies
    2 medics
    1 infil (for flipping terminals
    Balance --> situation dependent

    Light assaults, BTW, are great for larger facilities
    - scaling the walls of amp stations
    - getting to the point at tech plants
    - farming at bio laps.
  8. Vortok

    Infiltrators have the recon tool, which is really good at higher levels (crazy expensive for the last 2 ranks, though) - especially with an ammo box to let you spam it. Any serious squad fighting other infantry should have one if they're not able to bring in something with Scout Radar.

    LA's main ability is the jetpack which different people can use to different levels of effectiveness, so it's not as easy to just say "there, that's what they're good at and why you bring one." Can be pretty scary if a small handful of LA are actually working together and move as a group instead of just lone wolfing (or trying to C4 fairy some random vehicle). The increased movement options can help break stalemates when normal ground troops only have a couple choke points to try to slog through.
  9. DeathTollDavid

    Quite frankly (and as you've suggested) I let people play as they want when I lead. If I absolutely want something done I simply suggest to my squad and will usually change my class myself and get it done to lead by example. I.E. hacking, repairing, anti tank, anti air, etc.

    I have played many many times where I was kicked from a squad because I didnt change class, bailed out of a plane in time, pulled a prowler etc. I wouldnt treat others that way.
  10. jihon83

    All Maxes! Because when a squad or platoon leader yells out, "everyone pull a Max, and we'll charge out on three!" it makes me realize I'm fighting under a "power-gamer". I then grin, and usually end up frowning a few seconds later when everyone gets cut down.

    That said, a full squad of Infiltrators can work, but when I have seen it used, it's rarely about having the entire squad move together, so much as to have them break up into detachments who work in groups of 2-3 to capture points in a large base or to break down generators. It can be useful, but it's the kind of team that has to be nestled in a fairly organized platoon to be fully effective.