FASR as Default.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by TheFlowingCert, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. TheFlowingCert

    I propose that Infiltrators get their full auto scout rifles (SOAS-20 and empire counterparts) as a default weapon. This gives Infiltrators two default weapons;

    Sniper rifle.
    Full Auto scout rifle.

    My reasoning is as below;
    1) The FASR's are easy to use. Their soft recoil makes for controlling the gun an easy task, which allows newbies to focus on hitting heads rather than hitting at all. This is perfect for newbie Infiltrators wanting to hop into CQC with SMG's later on.
    It also has a low damage drop, meaning that it is not that crippled outside of its maximum range. Perfect for newbies who are not able to control engagement ranges yet.

    2) The FASR's are not good. Low damage and low fire rate makes the gun not worth buying, especially considering other options, such as the bolt actions for VS and TR, and the CQC semi auto sniper rifles. Or save up and just get an SMG at 1000 certs.

    So easy to use weapons that aren't really that good and aren't really worth buying BUT potential to be useful for a Default weapon, for newbies to use as a taste in CQC.
  2. TR5L4Y3R

    i would agree to this, also the infil is lacking a row of scoutrifles (full- and semi auto) were other classes have their variants of fullauto primary be that lmg, asssaultrifle or carbine ..

    still would give both infil and medic a AV weapon primary in the form of the rockletrifle, or in case of the medig a propper Av nadelauncher ...

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