[Event] The Great Wough Wide, Flash mob of epic proportions.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WalrusJones, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. WalrusJones

    Hello everyone, This is the lowest FPS Walrus in planetside, announcing a (Hopefully large scale,) event.

    With the addition of a rumble seat (And a dev hint that it may be standard issue, and that you are weapons free on it,) we are getting an awesome new tool which can be used for a great deal of purposes.

    You can go mongol with rocket launchers, You could start a taxi service for engineers who want to suicide mine more, or simply stick to light assault taxi clients who do not die in the process of annihilating enemy vehicles.

    Regardless, I think its a subject that isn't touched on enough in the recent days leading into GU4. Hence, me starting a mass event regarding our newest ATV toys, especially the seat.
    (That seat sounds so broken.)

    On Wednesday we are meeting up north of the TR warpgate on Amerish at 7:00PM PST (Due to the distinct lack of people there normally,) pairing up, forming platoons, and starting a mass zerg of containing the most ATVS you have ever seen (Hopefully. Obviously we need you to get this. We will be zerging on indar, its just finding a clean meeting point there would be a pain.)

    We need HA's (With your rocket launcher of choice,) we need drivers, we need suicide bombers, and sunderers to get us more suicide bombers when the first ones gib themselves.

    If you wish to make an ALT to join this event you are more then welcome to, please make a pun with the word "Flash" in your name, examples include: DatFlash, KissMyFlash, and ShakethatFlash.

    If you have any questions, ask, and I will do my best to answer.

    (This event is going to be related to a outfit I am created, but you do not need to join the WalrusWoughWiders (Wogh) it to participate. We will be doing something like this weekly.
    So if you like it, you are encouraged to join in if you want more FLASH.)
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  2. Vertabrae

    I think stuff like this is awesome. Great way to change things up and have fun in game. +10 mate.
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  3. WalrusJones

    Yeah. I am currently spreading this event down the various channels. Don't know if it will take. _10 back to you!

    But this could probably be the funnies thing I have seen in planetside yet, it this doesn't get buried under... Toxic, discussion.
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  4. Darwind

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  5. WalrusJones

    An outfit on reddit is considering joining the mob/hoard.

    Others have expressed interest in going mongol IMMEDIATELY when the patch hits.
    I would really like to see these people join the mob, if for but one day.
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  6. AtroposZero

    I think this is an awesome idea.

    Unfortunately, I foresee a ridiculous amount of enemy interference.
  7. WalrusJones

    If people use griefing alts to try to ruin the event, so be it.

    We kick then out of the platoons, and abandon them.

    Enemy SOLDIERs fighting us will have trouble interfering.

    Armor: Can be defeated by a single suicide bomber taxi trip. Mines or C4.

    Sunderers: See above. By more exclusive to C4 engineer taxi's.

    Both are vulnerable to back seat rocket launchers (Mongols.)

    MAX cant fight fury equipped flash already: Two shots from it will always kill a max.
    Infantry will be the same.

    So all that leaves is air being an issue, and alot of people have bought annihilators with station cash, meaning we will likely see a lot of them appearing as backseat missile launchers.
    The Sunderer teams cans spawn max suits.
    The Sunderer support can equip anti-air on its own.

    From a metagame perspective. Enemy interference against large number of flashes is basically hopeless if we get our show together.
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  8. Being@RT

    Did you forget to mention the server or am I blind?
  9. RasFW

    I don't understand how any engineers ever die by blowing up a tank or vehicle. Unless they're getting sprayed down by the enemy.
  10. WalrusJones


    Let me... Fix the OP.

    Wait, No. The OP refuses to be edited. :confused:

    With a flash taxi bringing them to the vehicle, not even getting sprayed down will matter.
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  11. RasFW

    In other news, my name will be FlashHole :D
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  12. WalrusJones

    You have filled the gap that the others have left behind. You are a truely brave soldier.
    In a way.... You could say you filled MY Flash hole. :oops:

    By the looks of things. We may have a whole outfit joining us.

    Can I get volunteers who enjoy yelling at squads to be ready a few minutes (Like, 20 minutes,) before hand so we can have officers who I am going to be able to stay in communication with more reliably?
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  13. Darwind

    Which outfit might be joining the flash mob?
  14. Sifer2

    Sounds like great rocket pod practice. Too bad it's on Helios.
  15. WalrusJones

    Everyone who has Station Cashed the annihilator has it on all characters tomorrow. Rocket pods AOE will be nerfed. You will need practice kill things.

    Hence, the Flash rampage will not be stopped.

    Members of BLUR are spreading the word amongst the outfit, so we will likely see a large prescence from them.
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  16. WalrusJones

    Sorry for the doublepost.
    But, a visible update is needed for the people that were interested, as the conditions vary from what we intended, and another post is needed to make sure the people who watched this see "Ohh hey! somethings up."

    But I am quickly updating: I will be showing up for the today flash Zerg time. IT will be different from what we planned, and we will basically be glorified target practice due to the lack of GU04.
    I hope we still have a bloody fun time. However, expect it to be a much shorter event.
    This Wogh Wide will not be the great one, that will be at a later date after GU04.

    However, I do not think enough has gone wrong for me to put off the first Wough Wide.
    In one hour, we will meet up on Amerish, on Helios, north of the TR warpgate, as we have planned, return to indar.

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