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    MercForCookies are a 18+ Community, created for Team based play, which having as much fun as possible.
    We can only accept over 18's into the fold, and having a good sense of humor is an advantage.

    We don't take things seriously, we never will. We are all about playing for fun first, everything else after.

    We are now three years old, and counting, with our core members being together for over 8 Years. (God help us)
    We are currently in-game, and we enjoy playing in squad's rather than being lone wolves - so, teamwork is a must!

    Want to know more?

    We have a Teamspeak 3 server (for VOIP) at: avengeruk.co.uk or mercforcookies.co.uk - whichever works.

    We plan to stay as a small focused group - 20 or so max. For this reason, recruitment is limited. We feel its better to have a small group of friends to play with, as opposed to a 50+ Man outfit.

    For more information, visit our Teamspeak, or our website at:

    MercForCookies.co.uk - Recruitment Thread: Thread

    Please note: If the site gives a funny 500 error - make sure your details are correct, any further problems tell me here about them. Knowing the guy who does the websites, it's probably broken. It usually is...