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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scorponok, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Scorponok

    So when will the server merging start up?i see less and less people fight every day on the EU servers ive played on...all the zones that blink has no activity what so ever...maybe 1-2 people roaming around its getting boring.Its like people left after a week.
  2. Jestunhi

    I still see myself bypass the queue almost every evening with my subscriber benefit.


    If you think EU servers have "1 or 2" people at this kind of time (which is weekday evening in EU) then perhaps I have fallen for a troll?
  3. Curze

    they obviously opened way too many servers at the start.

    and it sure didnt help that EU servers were (are?) a total cluster **** of bugs lag and crashes, and europeans flocked to play in US east servers.
  4. Scorponok

    you have Ques? i have not seen a que since the first week...i can barely find a hotspot with 2-3 players around it at primetime...its getting really boring.The activity has dropped really hard.They do the same mistake as every other new MMO ******** of servers and end up with people scattered...and since people invested SC into their charaters they wouldnt start a new one..
  5. Xihuitl

    He has a point. Most people I know abandoned the EU servers due to really poor stability and are playing US east servers
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