Escalation Update and Playtest - 2/26 @4pm (Pacific)

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    Hello everyone,

    As mentioned yesterday, we have prepared a new build with several improvements that we would like to rally as many players as possible to participate. We’ve published the new build to PTS, so it is ready for download. We will unlock the PTS server at approximately 3:30pm (Pacific) – just under 2 hours from now - and start playing at 4pm. Like yesterday, our focus is on client/server stability, Bastions and keeping an eye out for any newly introduced critical bugs. Please watch for server broadcasts for further instructions.

    Below is a list of changes that have gone into the new PTS build since last night’s playtest:

    • Warping out to a different zone while in a Bastion then warping back and redeploying to that Bastion should no longer cause the Bastion to appear to stutter on next movement
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Bastion to disappear for remote players when deploying to the Bastion from extreme distances
    • Minimap placement of Bastion movement waypoints should be more accurate now
    • Did a pass on Bastion batteries, adjusting camera limits and allowing more freedom of movement when pointing towards the Bastion. Also added cone of fire bloom per shot, but removed projectile gravity and made them fire more rapidly.
    • Fixed inconsistent Bastion engine audio when changing view in the Captain seat
    • Fixed icons and descriptions for manned bastion weapons clients
    • Fixed a client crash that could occur when deploying certain War Assets
    Known issues we are still dealing with (not fixed in this build):

    • Sanctuary map disappears on certain zoom levels.
    • Bastion collision can get shifted/offset when the Bastion gets moved.
    • Flak cannon rounds detonate on the Bastion but do not do any damage.
    • Deployables (Turrets, etc) can be places on Bastion weak points and will stay there (floating in mid-air) if the Bastion moves
    • The last Orbital Strike in your Armory occasionally will be a dud.
    • A few, very low frequency client crashes.
    Thank you all again for your help!
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