Epic videos, that never got captured...

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  1. KraggTheGrim

    How many times have you done something amazing, and say to your self "Wish i had had that recorded". Happens to be all the time.

    Last night was in my lighting dueling out with a some infantry, and prowler. Lots of popping in and out of cover, shells flying every where, rockets streaking past, some missing by inches. With ammo running low I pop back out to take another shot, start to elevate my HEAT cannon to take another shot at where the prowlers been for most of the battle, when suddenly, a Liberator appears to be 30-40 feet from me, with its nose gun chewing my armor.

    I take a frantic shot, and start to roll forward to get out of his arc. *BOOM* the liberator explodes, with 3 kills added to my tally. Burning wreckage crashing all around me...

    Normally a tank duel, well I never bother to record them. I never expect something epic to happen. Now I know I was lucky enough to get the last shot on a liberator that was probably setting down to repair, but I don't have to tell my friends that ;). But it is a video that I really wish I had to show people that didn't see it happen.

    What are your stories of epic fights, that your friends have chalked up to a tall tail? or been told "Pics or didn't happen!"

    Lets here some good stories (proof or no proof).