[Guide] Epic Drifter jumps

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DrBash00, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. DrBash00

    Hiho, here is a small bit about "Drifter jetpack" right now i have no complete guide but this gambit is so epic, i just wantet to share it!

    I would love to see some commends here, and likes on youtube. =)

    Just share your thoughts with me. Can you understand what i am talking? What should i have done different on the video?

    Or if you just cant wait to see some full guide or wathever let me know.

    If YOU know some really nice moves, please let me know! I love epic stuff ;-)
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  2. AirpainFood

    "If you dislike the video, feel free to share it with your enemies"

    That was great xD
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  3. MajiinBuu

    Maybe it's my low framerate, but I can not climb walls. I've tried every combination I could think of, looked in every direction and moved in every direction, only to steadily descend.
    I remember a long time ago, maybe a year, when simply drifting into the wall would allow you to slowly ascend :oops:
  4. DrBash00

    It still works, just LOOK UPWARD and press w + a and move sideward up the wall.

    It works not on every wall! There are some walls where you bug down, all the time....
    So if it doesent work, maby you just try to climb some "bugged" wall.
  5. SirFrancisGobelcoque

    Before you start losing steam and slowing down, turn and face the opposite direction. Again keep holding 'w' and tapping 'space' like before. You will continue at full speed for the entire duration of your jets if you alternate directions like this (provided your original jumppad launched you more horizontal than vertical).

    Don't know if you knew because you seemed to fizzle out towards the end on each jump before you got to your destination. You can jump 2 hexes this way easy. Biolabs and Amp stations best for this (outside of a few unique pads).
  6. DrBash00

    On the video the Base was the target, i actually never tryed how far i can go with it....

    But 2 bases should be possible, with a good platform.
  7. Pat22

    You can easily do this with regular jump jets. Though Drifters give you more range, jump jets give you altitude control, and the ability to keep on moving freely after you land and lose the jump pad's speed and altitude bonus.
    It's called the slingshot maneuver, or arcing, and has been known for a long time.
  8. KiakoLalene

    I use the drifter for jumping off bases to attack enemy tanks.
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  9. DrBash00

    And with this technique you can jump over 1 - 2 bases and blast up tanks, far far away ^^

    But i also love to troll by putting a spawn beacon up on the top of a hill... and drop as Drifter LA, go rage mode, and drop again ;-)
  10. redäärmy

    nice move, i have to try this sometime. I hope the enemy will be suprised xD
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