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  1. MrKoronas

    Empire: Vanu Sovereignty
    Server: Miller EU
    Type: Tactical/Teamplay
    Primary units: Ground Support
    Attitude: Focus on teamplay but we enjoy a good laugh
    Comms: Teamspeak Required but Microphone is not.
    Teamspeak IP: ts.emeraldimmersion.com:10021
    Recruitment:Open and active

    Who are we ?
    Our outfit started February of 2013, with me MrKoronas , Able1 and Xanderfuzz. We started this adventure to try and expand our group of friend’s and also become better at the game. This certainly was a challenge in itself but we persisted and kept playing and started recruitment for our outfit, it was not until a few month’s into playing the game that our outfit became popular and now one of the most feared on the Miller server for the VANU.

    Now that many moons have passed we are still going strong with a very active player base. We play most nights, some night’s having more or less depending on the day but there is always someone on.
    We’re mostly from Europe with a few members from the states, we are based in the UK with the focus being on that time zone. We don’t mind where you are from as long as you can be around when most of the outfit is on.

    Our primary focus for the outfit is teamplay, we feel it is the most important goal when playing in the outfit because as you know a well trained squad can take out a zerg. We like to work with the public squads/platoons to try and help them out when they just can’t break the enemy, so we will go hunt enemy sunderers, set up AA and AV nests to counter the enemy and give our fellow player’s a chance to win.

    We also work heavily with thevanuaccord (The Vanu alliance ), here we communicate using teamspeak to the other outfit’s and pull off MAX crashes and Major redeployment of forces from one location to another in order to win Alerts and just in general pull off tactics that would not be possible without the level of communication we have.

    After many months of battle we feel that we have developed so much and would love for you to become part of the community, we are not just any outfit we are one of the best on MIller and we intend to keep it that way. I hope you enjoyed our introduction

    Code of Conduct
    Greetings By Joining Emerald Immersion (EMLD), you are acknowledging and agreeing to abide by the following;

    • Wear and promote the EMLD tag with pride.
    • Promote a good reputation of EMLD to non-members
    • Abuse/Harassment towards other EMLD members or non-members is not prohibited.
    • Abusing an in-game exploit, hack or cheat will result in instant removal from EMLD
    • If you are participating in a scheduled event/operation you are required to be on teamspeak
    • You will try and use the forums when you can and add to the community
    • To conclude, we are all here to have fun and we do not want any drama queens here.
    By agreeing to the above, Emerald Immersion promise to provide you with the following:

    • A friendly, mature and close knit community
    • Somewhere to come home from work, school or whatever and just relax and enjoy the games we all love to play.
    • Structured and organised events to maximise strategic teamplay.
    • A website with forum capabilities and voice communications that you can use at all times.

    Requirements to join the outfit
    We have simple requirements and don’t ask much of you but what we do ask, we expect you to follow.
    • Abide by the Code of Conduct
    • Sign up to the website
    • Join us on the teamspeak server when you can
    • Work in a team and understand that its not all about K/D and Certs.

    Are you interested in what we have to offer?, Do you think that you would fit in?

    How to apply

    Go over to our website www.emeraldimmersion.com and sigin up.

    Please register in the forums and post your application as per the template in the application Topic! An officer will approve your post then when you're coming on to play just jump in the teamspeak.
  2. MrKoronas

    We Have reached a member count of over 200 today thanks guys for all the support.
  3. IMTasty

    Congratulations. :)
  4. MrKoronas

    Thanks for the reply the battles between us were great today.
  5. IMTasty

    No problem, always a good fight with you guys. Looking forward to more! :)
  6. MrKoronas

    Good Fight again BRTD Also reached a new member count of 270 and got some new squad leaders.
  7. IMTasty

    That was fast. :eek:
  8. MrKoronas

    Good Job again Guys Now at 307 members. The tank zerg we had was awesome and the plane rush we done was too.
  9. CinetraxX

    Always fun with you guys!


  10. AnthonyDFW

    MrKoronas, I couldnt get on yesturday, I was busy. I am gonna try to get on today.
  11. Arquin

    Congrats EMLD, you've gotten a rocket start. I hope we can co-operate more on the field someday!
  12. Omnissiah

    You better check your boy AquiloConfido, multiple intentional TK, no doubt about it being intentional.
    This is what was said:
    You told AquilaConfido: wtf is wrong with you?
    [YELL] You: AquilaConfido is killing friendlys
    [YELL] [AquilaConfido]: **** u noob
    [YELL] [AquilaConfido]: look at my br u noob, i own you

    I have to say he made EMLD look very very bad for the 100 people fighting there at that moment.
  13. MrKoronas

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  17. YamiNoTenshi

  18. MrKoronas

  19. Mastachief

    Thanks for the fight last night at sky mesa skydock, leopard word nursery and highland sub station.
  20. MrKoronas

    Well thank you.