EM1. Why use it?

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  1. Larolyn

    Seriously? You are BR46 and have 7673 certs just banked? In my mind there is no way someone can be BR46 and just have nothing left to buy. I am BR87, have 37 certs to my name and need about 40,000 certs right now to buy what I need. Buying what I want is gonna be another 60000 certs. Being where you are now and having closer to 8k certs banked? No excuses. Just hoarding and not spending to improve the outlook for your team. So I took the liberty of looking where you have been spending your certs or rather, what you have not been spending your certs on.

    So from what I can see you main heavy. Yet you have a lot of basics just missing.
    C4 - 700 certs.
    Max Nanoweave - 1000 certs. (Really?!)
    Max Resist Shield - 500 certs.
    AV Grenades - 100 certs. Learn to use them against MAXs.
    You have no Phoenix - no excuses here, more NC NEED to start using this weapon - 1000 certs.
    You do not any lock on. G2A is cheap at 250 certs. Ground 2 Ground is not worth it imo.
    You do not have a Decimator. 1000 certs. Optional but still good to have at some point in the future.

    I just spent 4550 certs making one class ok. There is plenty more to buy for HA. Max Adrenaline Shield + Jackhammer. Resto kits max level 830 certs. Decimator. 1000 certs. EM1. Yes you should buy it. At the very least trial it. Certain weapons gel with certain people. We have a member who got the EM1 and her k/d sky rocketed with the gun and her heavy became an even greater asset to the team. Certain weapons just click with people. You can't just dismiss a weapon without trying it. Oh and even a 250 cert Rebel pistol would be better than the Magshot you are using right now. Underboss / Desperado is where it's at but you gotta find the pistol that suits you.

    Moving on, I'm just gonna drop the list of mandatory purchases for KAIN members listing what everyone must have.

    -tank mines for engineer (100 certs, it is the first thing you should buy)
    -maxed either engineer or medic tool (750 certs, recommend to get engi tool)
    -first level of hacking on infitrator (1 cert)
    -first level of squad beacon (30 certs)
    -first level of zoom on both basilisk guns on the sunderer (1 cert for each)
    -max level of mineguard on the sunderer (150 certs is the last level)
    -phoenix rocket launcher or AV turret for engi (1000 certs, preferably phoenix)
    -one type of special grenades (choose them depending which one you KNOW how to use properly, flash grenade, concussion grenade, anti vehicle grenade or revive grenade)
    -if you play medic and have revive grenades get the grenade bandolier (max level not needed)
    -Aegis shield level 3 (150 certs+200 certs+ 400 certs+500 certs if you use the AI max only, recommended to get to level 4)

    I see you have no spawn beacons whatsoever yet you can dump them into maxing that out getting a 90 second spawn for your squad. 1130 certs. If you a the last member alive or you ever squad lead you are going to need these. Just being able to get people to a place is essential and there is no excuse to not even have the very first level of Spawn Beacon.

    Sunderer - come on!! You will give people a spawn but not protect their spawn point? Mine Guard. Max it. 2 tank mines kill a sundy and the spawn is gone. Maxing mine guards require 8 tank mines. An engi with maxed Utility slot can only carry 7 mines. No ammo sundy. No composite armour sundy. No points spent on weapons. Not even first level of zoom or ammo. Personal choice, Kobalt on front with thermals for 300 certs, Walker on back with zoom, 1051 certs.

    You do not have a second burster. AA is something severely lacking for the NC on Cobalt. You're sitting on closer 8k certs and do not even own a lockon, yet alone dual bursters. MAX Flak Armour level 5 - 900 certs. You gonna need it for AA duty.

    Vanguard is not everybodies thing so I will ignore but everyone should have a Lightning Chassi maxed out. Such a versatile platform with many different uses. AA, AI, Anti Armour.

    IR smoke - 850 certs max level
    Nanite Auto Repair - 880 certs
    Rival Combat - 700 certs

    Thermals for the Viper - 200 certs. Boom you have an infantry farming machine. Useful for clearing those foot zergs in record time.

    Skyguard is something worth looking into. Incredibly powerful tool against the enemy air. God knows we have to deal with a lot of mossies and Libs on a daily basis. 4 Skyguards rolling together melt pretty much anything. 9 is the most I have rolled with at one time. We locked down the entire center of Indar for an entire evening. Worth every penny.

    Engineer - Essential class to have maxed out in various ways.

    Repair tool - 500 certs
    Sticky Grenade - 100 certs (Sticky grenade on a sundy with a tank mines under - boom.)
    Tank mines - 300 certs
    Bouncing betties - 250 certs (Yes Anti Armour, AI loadouts for Engi.)
    GD7F - Just the best close range carbine you can get as NC. No question.

    Ok that's enough for now. But you can see there is so much to buy and yet you are not spending your money. NC needs players that are well equipped to deal with various situations and you can't even pull a Phoenix when asked too... Come on man! You have a Sundy that is just abysmal. It needs some love. No spawn beacons. No max nanoweave or max resist shield for heavy. No AA whatsoever in any way shape or form. I guess if a lib or ESF comes you just go "well I hope someone else takes care of it" cause you certainly will not be of any use in driving them away. No AV grenades for MAXs, no C4 for taking out tanks or MAXs, no shotgun, no Jackhammer, repair tool not maxed, no tank mines, no vehicle certed whatsoever. If you don't like vehicles at the very least spend them on your sundy and make it a beast so other players are protected and can fire back at the enemy with decent weapons.

    And most importantly. SPEND THOSE CERTS!!! There is no reason to horde them. There is too much to buy and not enough certs to be made.
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  2. TheBloodEagle

    Yup, it's the NC's only 143dmg LMG. TR has 5 of them.
  3. lilleAllan

    yeahhh.... Wrel basically says that it's a good weapon for players with wonky aim and for "supression."
    He even states that it's completely average at everything else.

    While I like that the review is somewhat short, he fails to touch upon the primary strength that the EM1 has over the EM6 - the adv laser sight.
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  4. CanadianAttackBeaver

    That's the point; the EM1 is a jack-of-all trades gun. It does everything well, but doesn't excel at anything. Being average doesn't equate to being unviable to sucking. Decent rate of fire, 200 round magazine (with extended mags) and a TTK that is 0.24 seconds longer than the Gauss SAW (and pretty much identical to every TR and VS gun)... the gun is fun to use and more than serviceable.

    Quite honestly, this gun is like a litmus test for intelligence; you can pretty much write off anyone who says it sucks as a ******.
  5. johnway

    Hi Larolyn Thanks for the informative reply. I have thought about investing a large number of items you mentioned and tacked onto the wish list of my character ages ago. The main issues as to why i don't invest in half of the stuff is that its far too situational for my liking or i play alone in pub squads (so team stuff like spawn beacons don't entice me) I've been frugal as to what i want to invest to make sure its useful as opposed to just a wasted investment. The sunderer is so woefully equipped was because someone would already beat me to the punch when it came to deploying a sunderer. I bought the AMS ages ago as part of the plan to build into something useful but when there is various people with the same plan, it doesn't always work out for me. Sure deploy it anyway, but most cases the last few places i can deploy is useless to most people and just a nice little treat for someone with c4. So any plans for a sunderer was out of the window.

    When it comes to armour, i should invest more into it, a skyguard is definitely something i want. My problem is that vehicles come at a cost and the speed my ones go up in smokes i rarely have time to enjoy it. Hell, if driving vehicles have taught me anything, i drop dead faster in one of those then i do as infantry. Which brings me my next point, infantry play a bigger part in base operations so my priority is infantry and since HA exist most cases i play predominately as HA just to hold my own. I did play a hell of a lot more support at the start but when i kept getting blown to bits by HA i had no choice but to switch roles. Sure if i see an opportunity to switch roles like there is a lack of medics or engineers, i do it, but in most cases i'm more useful as HA then any other class.

    I do trial weapons, especially the phoenix when it feels like there is a reason for it. But my experience with it hasn't been all that useful. Yeah, shoot it at a tank with it but it has very little effect on the overall situation. The most the armour does is retreat a few seconds, patch up and away it goes. Admittedly, if lots of people use it, i can see this being a real killer with accurate missiles wiping out armor columns but my half arsed skills and the 300m range means i can't use it devishly as i wanted. The only really use i found with it was to use it in a biodome to piss off attackers. But a G2A launcher is something i should bag. But i see that more of a deterent then an effective piece of kit, most times i shoo away fighters with my LMG, but for larger pieces i'm going to need to switch.

    Shotguns are too situational, they work wonders close quarters but the speed and my accuracy with these guns don't help me a lot. I prefer a weapon that i can use in pretty much every situation so i can increase survival. If i run out of weapons to buy, i would consider one for tower defense or just messing with. I thought about investing more in c4, but the woeful distance of throwing and the one stick i bought for the medic has proved to be a wasted investment. The only people i can see using c4 effectively are LA - which i don't play a lot of.

    But you're absolutely right, the 7600+ i've got stored up i need spend perhaps it will get to see the classes in a different light. I still need to sort out my TR account there's 1200 or something certs to invest.
  6. GSZenith

    cos i forgot to switch back to SAW
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  7. Goretzu

    I'm not sure about "well", the DPS is just too low.

    It's viable certainly, but I can't see many people doing better with it than an EM6 (as a general LMG) or an Anchor (as a CQB LMG).
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  8. Loui5D

    I've used the EM1 quite a bit, i've grown found of being able keep buildings suppressed while my buddies push in with scat maxes.
  9. Nephera

    it does ok at extended suppression fire, but you're probably not going to be doing that by yourself.
  10. Jellypig

    If it was about as accurate as the T16 I'd be all over this gun, but sadly it isn't. Just be glad you're only wasting 250 certs on this gun, you could be that guy that wasted money on the CARV-S...... like I did.
  11. TheKhopesh

    Elmo's Favorite weapon... ^_^
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  12. Unclematos7

    I just got the Auraxium for it! Yeah!
  13. KnightCole


    Em1 needs to be RoF lowered to 625-630, and damage buffed to 167@8m-124@50m, make it a CQC-ish NC LMG. Exmag, adv laser, suppressor. Right now its a nerfed handling T16. junk...
  14. Unclematos7

    Why use it?
    For it's model of course. It is a relic from tech test!
  15. DeadliestMoon

    No such thing as "endgame."
  16. disgruntled newbie

    I was looking to expand my heavy's options and went to the VR chamber and extensively fired everything available. Let's just say... I am a little puzzled why so many people like the Anchor and EM6 over the far, far cheaper EM1. Yes it does less damage per bullet, but it also shoots fast, reloads fast, and puts rounds on target instead of everywhere in the general area. It has the most forgiving/least punishing recoil of any of the NC machine guns. The SAW is a fun weapon and all, but the wild recoil even with a foregrip forces it to be used as a battle rifle outside of fairly close range. The EM6 and Anchor are better but not a load better, and will still wander off target extremely quickly. The EM1, by comparison, has a gentle and consistent push that begs you to fire long bursts instead of plinking.

    Throw this into the "Very good value for its cert cost" bin, IMO.
  17. Pikachu

    It looks good and souns decent. Maybe the advanved lar sight is good.
  18. KnightCole

    Because once you get the EM1 into the field its pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpepepepwpewpewpepwepwepwpewpew....oh ****, im dead

    Respawn, pewpewpepewpewpewpepwpepwepwepwepwepwpewpewpewpewpepwepwepwpew....oh ****, im dead again....

    Catch a guy fully AFK, pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew.......he comes back at the last minute, dakka dakka dakka...bam your dead....

    Meanwhile in EM6 land....powpowpowpow..dead target, poewpoewpoewpoew dead target....powpowpowpow dead tartget.......

    Id be curious to see anyone who mains the EM1 who has a KD over like 1, if even that.
  19. Pikachu

  20. Greyfrog

    I don't get the EM1 hate, recoil is easily controllable and its basically a T16-Rhino. Its also NC's highest ROF LMG.

    On the TR side I don't get why everyone likes the Rhino, but thats a different story :)