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Discussion in 'Waterson (US East)' started by DJPenguin, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. DJPenguin

    Are you a Light Assault enthusiast?
    Do you employ cunning and subterfuge into your attack strategy?
    Uninterested in other outfits which may promote zergs and ghost capping?
    Does the idea of working with a small team of other like-minded players peak your interest?

    Eleventh Hour is a new outfit with the goal of breaking away from the normal outfit command structure in which quantity is deemed to be a quality. In this outfit you are not just another person bearing an outfit tag thrown into the platoon. For what we are to accomplish, you will need to be a skilled member and your actions within the squad will matter. On to the Q&A:

    Q: A Light Assault outfit.. so just the use of one class?

    A: For the most part, yes. There may be times in which a medic and/or engineer for health and ammo will be required but it will be common to only employ LA's for our missions. It would be very hard for other classes to keep up as we maneuver and scale walls, towers and bases in an orderly fashion. Although in most battles other members of our empire can provide such services if needed. When we're not running missions you're obviously free to do whatever you want but being as what this outfit is you're encouraged to hone in on your abilities as an LA. I'd argue this class has the highest skill cap, there's always room for improvement!

    Q: And vehicles?

    A: Flashes and Galaxies as our modes of transportation to compliment the "fast attack" nature of things. Depending on the mission I may fly/drop in alone to avoid too much attention and place a beacon in which the entire squad will drop on a marked area. We'll bring in Sunderers if we can as well obviously. If enough people have decked out Flashes running a "quad squad" could be enjoyable from time to time.

    Q: Why so limited?

    A: Because other outfits provides everything else in battles. If we operate like the rest we'll be seen just as the rest. This is for us to make an impact in a big fight without being "that no-skill zerg outfit". It's the same reason as to why I'm not joining a larger outfit just to run a light assault-only squad. The squad's contributions will be overshadowed, and the members of such a squad will more than likely not have the enthusiasm, skill and discipline i seek.

    Q: You hint at being a small unit. How small?

    A: My goal is to have a dozen members on when we run missions. I would not like to ever field more than two full squads at any one time. Infiltrating becomes that much harder with more people, flanking becomes that much harder, trying to draw less attention becomes that much harder.. you get the idea. One full squad is ideal for what we are to accomplish.

    Q: What's the command structure of the outfit like?

    A: If we're running just the one squad it'll usually be myself at the helm. Sometimes we'll split into 2 half-squads in which case we can randomly or by request choose the other squad leader. So nothing fancy, really.

    Q: You expect me to believe that a squad of only light assaults is to have success and make an impact?

    A: Yes. Granted the rest of the empire supporting the fight pulls their own weight. There's only so much a small team regardless of group composition can do in a game on a scale as big as this alone in a massive fight.

    Q: What timezone are you?

    A: East Coast. I usually stay on late for my time though.

    Q: I don't play much. Do i have to be on at specific times/every so often?

    A: Nope, play whenever it doesn't matter to me. RL comes first.

    Q: Got a website? Third-party VOIP? Do i need to submit an application?

    A: Nope, nope, and nope! No useless website that will go unused, no third party VOIP because the in-game one works just fine for a squad sized outfit, and you do not need to submit an application as if you're applying for a job.

    Q: But surely there are requirements then?

    A: Yes.

    a. At least a BR of 20.
    b. Certs in the LA tree.
    c. A mic. You don't have to be a social butterfly but if you spot something in a fight which may result in our destruction I fully expect you to be vocal and call it out.

    Q: Reasons for them and any exceptions?

    A: Exceptions, maybe. Reasons for those requirements are to ensure that people who will be joining are somewhat competent, can shoot, and will be able to keep up with the rest of the squad. If someone is playing alongside a squad who has 5/5 Jetpack and is 1/5 themselves, they'll not only slow the squad down but might not even be able to reach some places the rest of us can. I fully expect each member to pull their own weight. If it becomes apparent that you're in fact dead weight I'll note it and encourage you to step up your game. If you can't then this isn't the outfit for you. It's not fair to those who depend on you to do your part but who end up carrying you instead. I simply need people who know what they're doing if we are to accomplish anything.

    Q: Is there certain equipment i should be expected to have have/certed?

    A: Absolutely. C4, needless to say is required. It would also be good to have a short range and medium range weapon. The stock Mercenary carbine works well in both roles if certed properly. I won't require specific guns to be used depending on whether we're defending from longer range or going on the attack, i only expect you to be able to work with your chosen weapon efficiently for your current role.

    Q: Will there be training?

    A: Yes, but as i seek LA-centric players, i expect most of them to already know the ins and outs of base layouts, how to take risks and what risks to take, and so on and so forth. But just so that everyone is on the same page we may brush up on tactics and do recaps. When entering a fight as a leader i should have a plan with a goal and it's important that people know how to operate. This should become, if it's not already, second nature. Training will not be about elementary aspects like how to shoot, but about how to work together as a unit, how to effectively use your equipment with one another, etc.

    Q: So how does recruitment work then?

    A: It helps to first post a reply here saying you're interested and who your character's name is. Then send me, DJPenguin, a friend request in game. We'll meet up and you'll show me you're the real deal. This is not an outfit for everyone and anyone to join, members will be hand-picked.

    Q: Are you a super serious try-hard who nerd rages?

    A: Unless me wanting to have competent squad mates makes me super serious then no. I also never rage. I have friends who I've played with for nearly 10 years that can vouch for me when i say I've never raged, never less even yelled at something. I'm quite cool and collected, have a good sense of humor and a ball busting east coast attitude.

    As a final note, i just want this to be a different and fun way to play the game which often becomes either a mindless zerg or ghost capping-fest. We may not successfully capture or defend everything we try to, but at the end of the day if we had a good time then it's been a success in my opinion. As this will be a new outfit, patience will be needed as the structure is laid out, as we get to know one another, and as we inevitably mold into an elite fighting machine.

    Got questions or comments? Let me hear 'em.
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  2. Unfleshed

    The concept of the outfit sounds very fun and interesting. One thing I would suggest though is to think twice about the name. Guild/Outfit names that include the leader's name aren't really appealing to anyone but the leader themselves. I'm just generalizing here though, there could be some who wouldn't mind.

    Aside from that I would be interested in hearing more when our servers merge.
  3. DJPenguin

    woops, must have not copied everything from my rough draft to the forum post. I'll update that part..

    So yeah, i couldn't think of an outfit name at the time so i just chose an on-the-fly alliteration. The name is the least of my concern, it can/will be changed if people want. It was better than not having an outfit name at all though, i figured. I just wanted to get this post out before the merge so Jaegermeisters such as yourself could see this amongst the already established outfits. Thanks for taking interest.
  4. DJPenguin

    Updated the OP with additional Q & A.
  5. Dagonlives

    Might be a good idea to try and find an outfit that could use your skillset instead of operating alone, even if it is only on an alliance basis.

    As for the voip, if you intend to be communicating alot (this seems like a high risk type situation) you'll probably need at third party program, or be prepared to relog every 20 mins for comms.

    Fast attack elite units are all well and good, but I know my outfit still relies on those other outfits willing to fight in the meatgrinders. As amazing as light assaults are offensively, they absolutely suck at holding or defending locations. We use picked light assault teams of 3 to snipe sunderers and provide flank support for our squad's.

    They are usually attacked to long range support squads (engineers and medics armed with grenade launchers) that protect their beacon in the event they are wiped.

    Skilled light assaults on their own are deadly. With correct timing and a 'core unit' of infantry advancing with them, they are incredible.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys during the merger, hopefully with my barrel facing you!
  6. Sapare

    I am still in. Though I do not at this time meet the requirments. My NC is still level 11 and KD is below 1.0(Though if you look at my TR account, https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428011263311404097 you can see that I have the experience needed for this). Once the server merge has happened I will try to get my NC charager to standard.

    I should also be able to offer a VOIP server as my current outfit does not use it to its full extent, though I will discuss that internally first.(Ingame voice system is often broken for me)
  7. Jerion

    Interested and almost completely devoted to LA, but my BR is 18 and I only recently started being reasonably competent with the killing part of the game so my K/D is terrible. Maybe after I'm more practiced at winning the majority of 1v1 fights I have, I'll look at this. Also once I figure out how to change outfits; I accidentally set one in-game a while back thanks to hitting the wrong key on an invite and haven't figured out how to alter that.
  8. DJPenguin

    Thanks for taking interest, and please do continue to improve as it's very important that members can not only carry their own weight but also be relied upon when we're just a few surrounded by dozens of enemies. To leave your outfit look for your name in the outfit roster and click on the red button next to it.
  9. LibertyRevolution

    You care about K/D? Guess your not the outfit for me..
    I treat my lives as disposable.. because they are... I'm back in the fight with full ammo in 8secs..
    My KD is .47, with 23 DAYS playtime as LA.

    So your playstyle is lonewolf.. but in a group.. no AMS.. sounds like fail to me bro..
  10. DJPenguin

    You sound bitter and incapable of thorough reading, bro

    Q: And vehicles?

    A: Flashes and Galaxies as our modes of transportation to compliment the "fast attack" nature of things. Depending on the mission I may fly/drop in alone to avoid too much attention and place a beacon in which the entire squad will drop on a marked area. We'll bring in Sunderers if we can as well obviously. If enough people have decked out Flashes running a "quad squad" could be enjoyable from time to time.
  11. LibertyRevolution

    Yeah man, I am bitter.. AMS always bro.. not when you can.. always.. screw KD.. kill,die,respawn, kill more.
    I am tired of rolling with outfits doing gal drops that leave me stranded behind enemy lines with no spawns point.
    My normal response to this is to shoot the PL/SL/OL in the face with my piston.
  12. DJPenguin

    fortunately for you you don't have to join this outfit that will "leave you stranded behind enemy lines with no spawn points". cause you know, maxed out spawn beacons and other friendly ams' don't do the job either.
  13. The Funk

    As someone that leads a tight and fast group like dj is proposing, I can tell you that sunderers do almost nothing but slow us down. Certed up spawn beacons are much more effective and reliable for this playstyle. Especially if everyone in the squad has them certed and you switch lead around.
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  14. Dagonlives

    Agreed. My unit uses sunderers only about 25% of the time. The rest is galaxy drops and spawning beacons. When you operate at a high speed and can quickly reform a broken squad, you can defeat forces far larger then yourselves simply because they rely on sunderers and you do not.
  15. DJPenguin

    ^thanks you two.

    Welcome to Waterson, Jaegermeisters.
  16. DJPenguin

    Removed k/d requirement. i still expect people to "value" their lives.
  17. KingoftheBorderline

    You ever play warhammer 40k? There is a unit called the stormboyz for the orks.
    They are orks with jet packs, and their attack animation is the coolest **** I have ever seen.
    There is NOTHING more satisfying in warhammer than when a stormboyz unit slams to the ground and tears up imperial guard
    Or what have you. That is what this is going to be like. There is no doubt this is a really inspired idea. If you are looking to join an outfit for excitement and unique play, join this one.nothing seems as original, or such an interest idea for an outfit.
    This is going to enhance NC so much once it gets off the ground, simply because nothing else will fill the niche.
  18. DJPenguin

    yep. i used to play Imperial Guard tabletop. Thanks for the words of support!
  19. The Funk

    Dj hit me up sometime if you want to run some ops together. I think our playstyles would compliment. Best of luck dude.
  20. DJPenguin

    sure thing, thank you.

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