Either give the factions traits or **** it

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  1. karlooo

    Adding the empire specific, M20 styled weapons to match the faction's oversimplified traits for some military branch, was as if nothing was done. Same with the mines basically the entire update was as if nothing was done.
    Like even if the devs added a whole new vehicle design to match the factions traits in a more sophisticated manner for example, off the top off my head the faction's would get their own rocket artillery. The TR would have a MLRS and NC, VS would get some tactical ballistic missile ... It would still add nothing. It would not improve the faction uniqueness. These simple traits - TR move fast, NC hit hard. It is a concept - a perfection introduction which needed to be built upon, by that I'm talking about the structure, the warfare, tactics of the factions, not add more trash (assets) into the game, as if that is supposed to improve anything other than decimate performance. These traits and designs were a placeholder to make the game at least playable, give it some soul at the beginning.
    Ever since, it was never improved but this is so easy to come up with, like for example in the past I had a concept of remaking the Prowler tank, a perfect way to give the TR armed forces the structure finally, with all of it's traits matching.

    (About the ballistic missile and VS, something that I never understood is why should and how could VS extract so many special resources to manufacture, arm and train their entire force with the alien technology? How is that possible if they were part of the TR, wish this was explained in the lore, it was explained as if TR was the main empire, NC and VS separated from the empire but for some reason NS which appears to be originally a TR company is funding all sides and are neutral suddenly, what the **** is going on?! Why is NS a faction now? Wasn't it an arms manufacturer? But this is completely off topic, anyways the devs had plenty of time to make any rhyme or reason in what's going on or their logic at least, was was the campaign for?)

    But ultimately I have a feeling that this update is just a distraction, in general... it's all fake work. It's literarily pulled out of their áss. (90% of the update is just numbers being changed in the files based on their understanding, and the rest, copy past assets, biggest project were the empire specific guns, which gave nothing, you can't tell me that this took months)

    ...All that they did during the years, was making the game as simple and dull as possible, following an arrow, funneling a hundred players into a small point on the map, requiring only numbers, no strategy, a mess impossible to orientate in, I can continue on and on with this but why would they do this?
    And the only explanation is they are testing AI controlled players, they are testing bots, the goal is to oversimplify the game for the implement of bots which will replace the players that are non essential and keep the game active. The updates are pulled out to satisfy their valuable players, the types of players that invest the most into the game, the people with these like mental disorders. That is why this game looks like it does now.
    This is super retárded but that's the only explanation that makes sense, or the devs have an intelligence of a 9th grader, or both. I don't know which one it could be.

    Anyways I am not ridiculing anyone, partially talking about myself. I am just saying that this is probably what it's all about and I've noticed a lot of bot like behavior recently, that's all.
  2. Demigan

    Classic Karlooo!
  3. VV4LL3

    I agree with this sentiment the most.

    If only a fraction of the cosmetic and weapon design efforts were put into bug patching, balance, and game experience refinement, the game would provide a much greater deal of satisfaction for new-through-vet players.

    I felt like the last few content released were a trade for Quantity over Quality, and it shows.
  4. brutes359

    hmm. I like the idea of adding bots to the game. It would allow the players to actually get kills reliably without having to always compete with the hyper try-hards that infest the game. But I also agree, the devs have done their best to add new content without actual significance. The NSO are a perfect example of this. There are literally dozens of threads on this site at this moment, made by players, that offer better ideas for new content than what is actually being put into the game. I may disagree with the OP's notion as as to why they do this, but I do think they are going in the wrong direction. Games are about innovation, and innovation has risk involved. The devs cannot simply remake the same thing with a different skin forever and expect people to ogle it the same way.

    Besides, the flaw in your logic is that bots dont buy cosmetics. The devs might one day add bots for players to have fun fighting, but I doubt they would ever replace anyone.