E-Sport: Does This Mean What I Think It Means?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Spartan 117, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Spartan 117


    Correct me if I am wrong here, but from my interpretation over the years any game that attempts to be a "E-Sport" basically has to carbon copy each race/faction to the point where there are little/no differences between them for the sake of "balance" & "competition."

    Is this what we can expect down the road? Every faction to have the same weapons, same vehicles, another clone of the other 10000 FPS's on the market?
  2. Crywalker

    I wouldn't worry, PS2 has basically no chance of being taken seriously as an E-Sport game.
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  3. Matti

    I wish I could say against you, but I think you are right :/
  4. Tatanka

    I just don't understand this push for eSport for PS2.

    The joy of PlanetSide isn't 1v1, 5v5, 10v10, or even 25v25. It's 100v100v100. That's a format that doesn't even translate into eSport.

    What is the match format going to be? Defend Hvar?... lol.
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  5. Terrex

    Getting ahead of ourselves, are we?
  6. SinerAthin

    Esport will come naturally once you've developed a proper, richly detailed and fine flowing metagame.

    Aiming at becoming an esport from the go is begging to be ruined.
  7. VexTheRaven

    PS2 should not be an e-sport. It does not need to be an esport. You cannot make an esport out of a massively multiplayer shooter like this. It just doesn't work.
  8. Dubious

    E-Sport is an excuse for fat and lazy people to do a sport..
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  9. Mootar


    Can you imagine the Planetside 2 world championships;

    The Vanu team sitting in magriders on almost vertical hills, spamming into empty spawn rooms from 500m away.
    The Terran team flying around in Mosquito blobs, trying in vain to find a lone infantry to rocketpod.
    The NC team all sitting in an empty Biolab in Hacksaw Maxs.

    That should really bring the crowds in, what a spectacle!

    E-Sport my hairy ringpiece, ahahaha.
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  10. willTell

    If there is demand for an eSport scene in PS2 it will start on it's own (player and community driven), no need to waste resources in this area until this happens.
  11. Dixa

    technically what it means is that glaring holes in balance will be addressed faster. if they are not then they risk being dropped from MLG like wow arenas were.