Double or Triple Station Cash?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by XxAirborn3xX, May 6, 2013.

  1. XxAirborn3xX

    I'm Curious of when Double or Triple Station Cash would be purchasable. I saw on the forums under news and announcements that there was a double station cash days ago for you to purchase and get double station cash. But i wish and i bet it would of been smarter if they did such a deal like that when they did the Loyal Solider Plan Promo thing. Cause since i'm back to playing this game because i gave PS2 3 months to patch and after 3 months, game has done game update 7, and 8, and the loyal solider plan but noo Double Station Cash? I'm glad i'm back and its patched alot of stuff and the membership and camo etc but i would of loved to see Double Station Cash! I Wanna buy 45$ Worth right now. I Would buy Station Cash right now but i think if i'm spending 45$ for only 5k Station Cash which is really only like 4 Vechile Weapons or such etc. I Think ill wait until the next double station cash shoots out. I'm a patient guy so i won't buy just yet.
  2. Gary

    Nobody knows exactly! You can usually expect a a Double Station cash sale on big holidays or special events. The Triple events are saved for the biggest events and holidays.

    People do how ever try to find the advertisements before they are officialy announced and this gives us some warning. The Devs also hint at them before they are announced :)

    Your best bet is to simply hold out and wait :(
  3. StolenToast

    I sincerely doubt triple cash will ever happen again. Possibly Christmas or maybe after some incredible game-breaking update.
  4. DiveXx

    Maybe 3x or 4x when we get the 100th GU ;P
  5. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    We actually host promotional station cash events pretty, we just had 2 in the past 2 months. Just be patient and keep your eyes on the announcements section of the forums for any updates regarding upcoming promotions. (Isn't there a holiday coming up?)
  6. flethgin

    I know what im getting my mother for mothers-day!
  7. Kynnor

    I do not see why they would want to compete with holidays... If they want to make money, the should target these events on the 5th or the 20th of month. These dates are better known to the working man as Payday. Why wait for a holiday when joe worker may not even have cash to spend, but put them on payday instead so he can buy your station cash (and lots of it) instead of paying bills.

    I thought SoE was a business. I guess smedley and his entire marketing department fell asleep during that part of economics class.

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