Does firing not reveal you on radar?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Styrkr, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Styrkr

    Since a recent patch or hotfix, I have noticed that players firing at me are not showing up on my radar. Sometimes they do, if I'm close, so I figured this was a nerf. But the same is for vehicles. I have had vehicles fire at me and could not find them. I didn't think the Vehicle Stealth Defense Cert prevented detection while firing, but I just got shot down by a scythe and couldn't see it until my kill screen popped up. Did this get changed or is it a result of performance (e.g. lag) or exploits?
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  2. Latrodectus

    Players with a suppressor will not show up on radar when firing.
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  3. DukeFlash

    This. I love using suppressors for this reason, although others will tell you they are a waste.
    Sometimes, though, I actually wish I wasn't using one so my allies would realize I'm shooting and turn to help.
    (For the sound, I mean. Friendly fire has no bearing on your mini-map.)

    In large fights it may not only be unnecessary to use a suppressor but possibly beneficial not to.
    Those times are rare, however, meaning I almost always keep my suppressors attached once certed.
  4. eldarfalcongravtank

    i just came from a match and noticed the SAME thing. dear god it's NOT about suppressors. read the op properly guys!

    i for one couldnt see a terran sniper close to me on the minimap whenever he shot his unsuppressed (i clearly heard it was unsuppressed) sniper. also i spawned in a scythe and a terran mosquito came close (i heard his engine noise right beside my aircraft) and killed me with its rotary right after takeoff and he didnt appear on the minimap either!

    is this a new exploit thats going around or did the patch actually break hostile minimap signatures?
  5. Kronic

    They only show up within 80m I think. Or maybe it's 40... but the jist is that players firing do not show up at all ranges on the minimap.
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  6. Prudentia

    I think the old minimapbug reappeared. just remove all Suppressors for the time being and enjoy the UI benefits without the stats Penalty (ofcourse the Muzzleflash and Sound are still there, but most pubbies won't notice them anyways)
  7. Styrkr

    Yeah, I know about suppressors. Use 'em myself. I meant un-suppressed weapons. Infantry isn't that big of an issue since I have 5.1 in my headset and can get a bearing pretty quick. It's actually making me rely solely on sound when sniper-hunting, which is actually kind of fun. But with vehicles it's "a-whole-nother" issue. I know about vehicle stealth, but I've had enemy armor with composite armor (I can see it) come up right behind me, catching me completely off guard and leaving me to say "O.O Where did he come from?" It doesn't always happen either, making me think it's a bug. And it really sucks with ESF's because there's 3 dimensions to worry about, leaving my recent interest in learning to dogfight somewhat regrettable.

    Also @Prudentia, thanks for putting that video in your sig. That was pretty interesting.
  8. Astriania

    I'm not sure that firing ever automatically puts vehicles on the map. I've been shot down by mossies that I can't see, before these patches. If unsuppressed infantry who are nearby (within 50m) aren't showing up, that's a bug as far as I know.
  9. Tenebrae Aeterna

    As far as I know, the louder the weapon the further the radius you broadcast your position on the mini-map. I'm pretty sure was a point brought up for the Commissioner and Underboss which are both very loud and display your mini-map ping to those further away than you would with other pistols. In turn, the bolt-action sniper rifles ping your position to targets at a greater distance away. The suppressor decreases the range dependent upon the weapon itself. I don't believe it fully takes bolt-action rifles off the mini-map, but I'm not sure.

    This is what I have always thought...the louder the gun, the further your position is broadcasted on the mini-map.

    As for the Mosquito, the maximum level of vehicle stealth takes you completely off the mini-map. I'm pretty sure that includes when firing.
  10. TsubasaKuroi

    Seems terribly inconsistent for me.

    Sometimes I've found close by enemy infils that were sniping because they appeared in the minimap. Other times, I've heard enemies firing off their unsuppressed weapon but the minimap doesn't have them show up
  11. Kid Gloves

    Vehicles are supposed to show up on the minimap automatically once they get within a fixed range. That range is fairly large, but it gets smaller if the person has vehicle stealth.

    Which is not to say weirdness isn't happening; this is a public service announcement for anyone who doesn't know how vehicles on radar are supposed to work. :D
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  12. Keiichi25

    Radar is not exactly a 'great' indicator for things outside of about 100 or so meters. Tanks and aircraft can actually 'hit' you further than 100m. While you may not render to them at 300m, the radar for infantry does not show ranged bombardment well past 100 to 150ms so you have to get in 'closer' for your radar to show them
  13. Styrkr

    I'm talking about opponents that are right there. Like, <5m.

    That is what I thought. I have always understood the radar system and stealth to function this way.
  14. Klypto

    Full Stealth removes you from the map unless you are spotted. Firing causes you to blink on the minimap and fade out in less than a second.