Do not log in immediately after the crash

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  1. Vaphell

    Apparently doing so is the (main? only?) source of directives resetting.
    Opening new session, when the previous one is not cleaned up, puts the char in an inconsistent state and the directive data can get corrupted. I assume letting the session time out should reduce the risk.

    In simplest terms, when a zone crashes and players log back in immediately it puts their character in a bad state and removes progress. We are hopeful we've fixed the zone crash we've been seeing recently and are currently working on resolving the issue with characters.

    Why they don't spam this information potentially saving thousands of grind-hours 24/7 on forums, reddit, twitter and in game is lost on me.
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  2. Catalyist

    So even though they say they have fixed the potential issue, I'd still be careful for a while until they are absolutely sure this won't happen again.

    Thank you for that info, Vaphell!
  3. Prudentia

    I'm glad they posted that on the offical reddit page. just imagine what would happen if people who are upset that their progess got reseted click on the link to these forums in their launcher and that information was easy to find on their inofficial forumpage.
    just think about it:
    They could stay customers of SOE because they received help from the staff.
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  4. DFDelta

    9/10 snark.
    Would recommend.

    (also, agreed)
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  5. Who Garou

    I can't really expect anything rational from the DEVs considering the timing of the Big Update and the resultant issues that are still imparting my enjoyment of their product.

    Good to know that when the client crashes, that I should wait 10 minutes before trying to play again.
    I guess it's okay to rotate to another character after a crash, or does simply logging into your account cause the disruption?

    Oddly enough, when I have started the client back-up immediately, I have been in the same squad, etc. so some character tracking is retained.
  6. Who Garou

    Well played.

  7. NinjaKirby


    Thank you for informing us.

    I'm sure SoE tried to find ForumSide, but let's face it, the Tinterwebz is a big place.
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  8. The Funk

    Good PSA. Thanks.
  9. SeanFree

    How can I like this more than once without a new account? :)
  10. Goretzu

    It's just another thing that should be on the main game forum/site and game launcher that seemingly you have to troll reddit for instead. :confused:
  11. Goretzu

    Probably ok if it is the server itself catching up, but given that is a way of trying to get a stuck character offline (as it tends to boot if off if your account has another one log in) I'd be wary of even doing that if you really don't want to lose any directives.
  12. Iridar51

    Several days ago my outfit platoon was disconnected, the first ones to login back reported their directives were reset. I loginned a couple minutes later and everything was fine. Guess I dodged a bullet on that one.
  13. Seuchensaal

    Thanks for the info.

    Seriously, SOE... is it that difficult to share this very important info in your forums. With a sticky? And a red glowing alarm-light? And in your launcher? With an even brighter alarm-light?

    Would be nice if players are helped by you in not losing their hard-earned directives, wouldn´t it?
  14. Prudentia

    oh the 15 likes right now are already pretty good for my LPR. not as much impact as my post in a "I hate Light Assaults-Thread with almost 50 likes but still decent :D
  15. FieldMarshall

    Why isnt this spammed in the launcher, ingame etc. and posted as a sticky in the "Official News and Announcements" section?
    A "fix" for something that can make people leave planetside in frustration and never come back should have more priority than just a reddit post.
    Guess if you dont follow reddit and "only" go on the official PS2 forum you're not worth their time.
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