Do jetpack upgrades do anything?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by EsseoS, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. EsseoS

    I haven't upraded Icarus or Drifters besides unlocking them... but I've completely upgraded the standard jetpack.
    Does upgrading them do anything? I don't notice any difference in jetpack fuel regeneration, or in how long it lasts, speed, height, etc...

    Is this a bug or is upgrading them worthless?
  2. Corezer

    Icarus upgrades raise recharge rate, drifter upgrades increase duration.
  3. Iridar51

    Upgrading Skirmisher Jets increases fuel capacity and recharge speed by 8/11/14/17/20%.

    It's not much, but that's good. Previously, Rank 1 was much weaker, but upgrades were stronger, so Skirmishers were nearly worthless until at least Rank 4. Now you can comfortably play at Rank 1.

    If you're stressed for certs, you could probably wait on upgrading Rank 5 and 6.

    By the way, if you hold mouse on the "upgrade" orange button, a pop up will appear, telling what stats will be upgraded, and by how much. It's a good policy to first make sure you actually need the upgrade.
  4. DemonicTreerat

    Good way to see the difference between rank 1 and the final rank on Drifters. Go into VR, equip them then grab an ESF then bail out and see how far you can go horizontally. Now try something like that with just rank 1. Its a noticeable difference.