Directives earned already not 100% acredited?

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  1. EViLMinD

    Some categories show completion, or how far I am to completion. However, most show a zero even though I've met the requirements by now. I've logged an insane amount of game time, and I play it all. Nothing collects dust. So, I think I've made 10 sniper kills by now or x amount of repairs to x ..etc

    Was it SOE's intention to have us all start from scratch in certain categories? If so, that sucks. I think I earned a major payday for all my efforts.

    Though, seeing 7g certs refunded to my account today was lovely. Now I have nothing left to max that's interesting or useful. Just last levels on ammo reserves.
  2. MisterBond

    The snarky side of me being mad at SoE over the whole resource system says this is probably intended and they want you to grind it out all over again, but I'll be optimistic and assume its just a bug.

    Also I laughed, I got like 9K credits refunded, all gone in an instant just to fuel ammo upgrades etc in my vehicles, and I was only able to max out 4 certs, two of which already half filled
  3. EViLMinD

    This is from the official thread.
  4. Brahma2

    But hey, infantry players got theirs.
  5. Tommyp2006

    It doesn't retroactively count things how much you repaired, etc. It just retroactively counts medals and ribbons.