Dignity of War [DIG] finally recruiting through the forums

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Dignity, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Dignity

    Teamspeak 3 server: ts.dignityofwar.com:9988

    I thought it was time to finally make one of these threads. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Dignity, the leader of Dignity of War, aka [DIG]. We are the biggest, most active VS outfits on Miller. You can always be sure that there's someone around to play with.

    The hierarchy in Dignity of War is relatively simple. First off we have the Member rank, this speaks for itself. After that there's the Member+ rank, this rank is reserved for donators. Next we have the Lieutenant rank, this rank is for people who have proven themselves to be able to efficiently and properly lead squads and small platoons. After that is the Major rank, which is for the platoon leaders and people who contribute an extraordinary amount of time and effort to the outfit. Finally there's the Leader rank which is reserved for the one true leader: Dignity.

    Currently we make use of the ingame voice communications and chat system together with our teamspeak 3 server ts.dignityofwar.com:9988

    Our Motto
    Our motto is to never give up, there's always a way to beat the others.
    Mess with the best, die like the rest.

    Our Goal
    Our goal is to provide all kinds of gamers, ranging from casual to competitive, with the best gaming experience possible, while at the same time trying to beat down the opposing factions.

    Our History
    Dignity of War has been around since the launch of Planetside 2. Dignity of War started out as an outfit which invited anyone they came across. This led to their numbers skyrocketing up to a maximum of approximately 2500 members. They realized that they couldn't continue going on like this as that would lead to the inevitable death of the outfit. The measures they took against it was to make website signup at http://www.dignityofwar.com mandatory. This took their numbers down to roundabout 500. After many months of discussion we finally decided to bring a dual outfit system; 1 outfit for the tactical players, and 1 outfit for the casual players. [DIG] is the casual one of those two. We basically intend [DIG] back to its former glory, while also pumping more players into the tactical part of the dual outfit system. This outfit is still growing.

    What to expect from us
    1) Good and mature players who play strategically, while still having fun and cracking jokes.
    2) No cheaters or stuff like that, we aim to play fair at all times.
    3) Tactical gameplay & good communication.
    4) Helpful and friendly players, need help? We got lots of members to back you up!
    5) Help while learning the game, or trying to figure out new tactics and the like.

    Our rules
    I honestly think these rules speak for themself, but I'll post them anyways.
    1) No griefing.
    2) No bug abusing or glitching.
    3) No flaming.
    4) No crying.
    5) No racist or sexist ****. (Allowed when moderately applied eg. jokes and such, just don't overdo it)
    6) FINAL AND MOST IMPORTANT: Don't be an *******.

    We only have 1 requirement for people who want to join us:
    1) You have to be able to click the "I accept the outfit invite" button

    We made this our one and only requirement so we can offer more people a place to play together.

    You can contact us on http://www.dignityofwar.com or on our TS3 server.

    That's it. Hope to see you ingame soon.

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  2. SadSally

    Some contact info would be great :)
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  3. pink

    Good luck guys, I constantly see you around across all continents, representing the VS to a very high standard. *thumbs up*

    Do you have a website or any contact information to add to your original post?
  4. StarCMD

    I'd be interested in adding to your numbers. Hit me up in game - same name as here :)
  5. Karmak85

    Played with you guys in an open group was lots of fun.
    I would like to join :)

    In game name: Karzak
  6. Dignity

    Sorry about the late reply guys, we're currently working on a website, but we don't have one online yet. If you want to join us, just hit me (Dignity) or any of the other guys up ingame. We try to do the best we can, and we do quite well if I dare say so myself.
  7. Dignity

    Updated the whole thing
  8. Dovahkiin

    I'm part of this outfit and I have to say, it's a very enjoyable experience.

    However, I urge you to become a more serious outfit.
    Right now you're a casual outfit and the Imperators acknoledge that.

    You need to start kicking non-followers of orders. A lot of people don't go to the objective, and so they are just taking up space someone else could benefit from. It would be really cool if you could use some trials that new players have to pass, or a bootcamp to practice different methods/tactics/strategies.
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  9. Dignity

    These are some things that we'll be discussing more thoroughly. Please bring your ideas to us directly instead of through the forums though.
  10. ImaCampin

    Lol a method, tactics and strategies lessons would be nice for us. As in learning how to go to waypoints because most of us dont know. :D
  11. Dignity

    Lol, started giving leadership training couple days ago now
  12. Ankans

    Was playing whit [DIG] both during beta (whatever the outfit was called during beta) and in the first month. A really nice outfit whit some great and helpful leaders.

    Always nice too see you and the rest online. Hope you continue too grow :)


  13. Hamox

    During Beta lolwood created an outfit, Dignity, Maulrex, me and a few others were part of it.
    We always had a platoon running in beta.
    After the Beta Dignity created DIG. I haven't seen lolwood anymore. Maybe he plays an other faction or uses an other name?
  14. Dignity

    It's great to hear such positive responses. By the way, we passed 1800 members
  15. Mr T

    I was in LVB back in BETA, I think I went by the name of "MrTofTheVanu", it's good to still see the old Outfit is still going. I believe I faced your outfit recently on Esamire, the Outfit I'm in (225v) was overrun by your mass Magrider Zerg... A typical Vanu tactic. Your Outfit seems to be badly co-ordinated from my knowledge, to keep it short it's more of a massive Zerg.
  16. Dignity

    Sore losers should go piss off. You tried launching an attack on us several times, you only succeeded when we decided that the NC was moving to close and we moved there instead.

    Go bother some other people, and while you're at it go find a life.
    We're starting to work ourselves out of that, applying more and more new tactics, experimenting with new tactics as well. We've found some really cool stuff that can be used in incredible ways.
  17. Hamox

    Many VS players (lets say 2/3) I have met on Millar have a really bad understanding about teamplay and what is possible, unfortunately. Every serious player who has played in well organized teams (in other games) or was part of clans or guilds with training sessions, tactics, special builds and so on will be very disappointed in this kind of teams. I guess it is not only a VS problem, TR and NC also seem to have a lot of beginners who never played in well organized teams.
    The problem gets worse in outfits who mass invites everybody becouse you have a lot of players who even do not care about teamplay. They just want to log on and follow the zerg, make some easy points and log off after a while.
    The game even supports this at the moment becouse there is no meta game and nothing really to fight for, except XP and Certs. So no wonder that the majority of players just playes like that, not only in DIG...
    I think the only way to avoid this is either to filter players carefully and have a smaller outfit but with great players or to try to train the masses and hope that a lot of them will find this organized way of playing interesting enough to change their style.

    Oh, and for the records: I'm not DIG but I wish them all the best on the way and I hope they can train their players and improve their teamplay!
  18. Mr T

    Very good point, I would also like to correct a mistake in my previous post, I wrote my Outfit tag wrong (how silly of me) it is not "225v" it is 252v, or the full name: 252nd Special Operations, I don't want to 'miss inform' people do I?
  19. Dignity

    Thanks for your comment Hamox, you raise a valid point.
  20. onemancrewbtf

    I joined [DIG] and having a really good time.
    Bad there's a very bad side of this outfit: most people doesn't know how to teamplay, disregard orders and even TK many times with no penalty.

    At the moment general idea of [DIG] is "we go numbers" not "tactical and squad based gameplay"
    And it's very easy to spot willing players. Give orders, wait some time and look on the map. If some people are doing things not intended, then kick'em.

    As a side note we seriously lack specialized Air support(just like ground spec ops)
    We could use more scythes for recon/air support AND Galaxies for quick troop deployment.