Difference between the Nyx and Phantom for Vanu?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Village, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Village

    Both rifles can attach low magnification scopes, only the Nyx can attach muzzle brake. Besides these facts what are the differences between these two rifles? I would trial them both but there is a long waiting period between trialing weapons.
  2. Village

    Nobody knows?
  3. Ishniana

    The Nyx is a scout rifle which means it is for close/medium range. I have tested it out and can say this much. It has a good amount of recoil when compared to other VS weapons, highest scope is 6x but really the 4x is better since 6x provides too much zoom. It can take 3-4 body shots to take down an infantry. I felt that the clip size was a bit too small and you ran out of ammo extremely fast when sniping.
  4. deusex2

    You can check the difference between those two guns through your cert menu, to see all the available attachments for both of the guns.

    Aside from that it's important to remember that while Nyx is a scout rifle(and it has more scope options), Phantom is considered a sniper rifle. As such it is subjected to scope sway(unlike Nyx) and requires you to hold down shift every time you're aiming.

    On top of that, there's currently an issue with infiltrator's cloak and aiming down sights-unless you're using scope that blocks peripheral field of view(IRNV, x6 and higher) the cloak also cloaks your scope markings(even iron sights) making it nearly impossible to line up your shot before uncloaking.
  5. VisiblyShaken

    I think the Nyx is slightly faster compared to the Phantom in such things as rof and reload speed. The Phantom is the Spectre but with the ability to have iron sights or cert red dot sights.

    I used to have used the nyx on my infil all the time until i finally tried out the phantom. I have to say, i have not been disappointed with the results. The phantom has less recoil and therefore made it easier to hit targets and lowered my overall ttk. The ads sway issue is a trivial one, as the sway does not really affect your aim up close. From about 10 - 15 meters, the sway is basically unnoticeable, and for distances greater than 15 meters, it is easy to just hold shift for 2 - 3 sec while squeezing out 3 - 4 quick shots. I really like this gun and now i kinda regret spending $7 on the nyx.
  7. VoidC

    No NS/NV scope and laser dot for Phantom. For me it makes decision much easier.
  8. Rigsta

    • At close-medium range, the Nyx takes 3-4 body shots to kill, the Phantom is always 3. (334 damage/shot and 400 damage/shot respectively)
    • The Nyx has much better hipfire accuracy than the Phantom, especially with a laser dot (my preferred rail attachment).
    • The Nyx stays perfectly still while aiming, the Phantom sways like a sniper rifle.
    • The Nyx has much less CoF (Cone of Fire) bloom when firing quickly.
    • The Nyx is much quieter than the Phantom.
    In short, the Phantom hits harder and deals more damage at mid-long range, but the Nyx is more versatile and retains better accuracy when firing quickly. So I take the Nyx for CQ & close-up work with a chance of mid-range, and I take the Phantom or Ghost for mostly mid-range work with a chance of close-range. And if I'm not sure what I'll need, I take the Nyx.

    I'm still trying to decide whether I prefer the Ghost or Phantom for mid-range & squad support.

    PS: CoF bloom is what causes your bullets to land away from the centre of your crosshair/dot/ironsight and should not be confused with recoil.

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