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    Sharing an update from Rogue Planet Head and PlanetSide 2 Executive Producer Andy Sites about the extended downtime / hardware server upgrade that was performed on Tuesday, January 28:

    From Andy:
    Wanted to provide some details/transparency on the PlanetSide 2 server hardware upgrades we performed during our database maintenance yesterday. The tech ops team was able to complete the switch-over to the new hardware in all regions EXCEPT Emerald (US East). The logistics for the hardware upgrade in the data center that Emerald is housed in on the US East Coast is a bit more intensive. So we were not able to do it yesterday. I'm speaking with the Daybreak tech ops team this morning to get a handle on the timing of when it will be done. Once we have a confirmed date/time, we will share it. The plan would be to have it coincide with a regular game update, so it shouldn't cause any unnecessary extended down time once ready. We have been getting some positive feedback on the server perf for the regions we did upgrade in yesterday, so I wanted to make sure you all knew about the status of Emerald.

    And for context, the PlanetSide 2 Live Server Hardware that we replaced/upgraded yesterday was from launch back in 2012*. So like 7+ years old. Lots of exhausted hamsters.

    (*Launch date has been corrected. Thanks Reddit)

    We'll provide an update on the timing of the Emerald (US East) server hardware upgrade once we finalize patch timing for our next PS2 game update.
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