Decrease XP overpopulated faction get on winning alert

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PS2Freak, May 12, 2013.

  1. PS2Freak

    Decrease XP overpopulated faction get on winning alert.

    On miller TR just won Esamir alert, while being 52% and nc and vanu at 10%.

    Overpopulation should be penalized.

    tl;dr - constant overpopulation winning all the alerts is not fun and not fair.
    + easy certs let people switch faction, for even more disbalance.
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  2. P4NJ

    Today I logged in 2 minutes before we won an Amerish alert with 80% pop and 89% territory =P

    Seriously though, what's with all these "penalize the overpopulated" threads. It's not their fault that the other factions are underpopulated, and those factions now get TONS of extra XP (up to 50%! That's essentially a free permanent boost for everybody who plays an underpopulated faction).

    Also, you seem to be missing 30% =P
  3. Redshift

    And the other 28%? i think you're making up numbers ^^
  4. sindz

    What a crock of ****. You cant get any XP when the overpopulated faction rolls in with 20 times the tanks, planes and max's that you got. Im all for more XP when you are underpopulated, but being 40% less = you cant do ****, and they could give you 2000% more xp and it would still be useless.

    Overpop should be penalized cause it requires no skill what so ever to win an alert.
  5. sindz

    Yeh, there isnt a 3rd faction in PS2. Only 2 factions.
  6. P4NJ

    The only times you will be 40% less is when it's not primetime and either everyone from the other faction decided to hunt for alerts that day or everybody from your faction abandoned that continent to ghostcap the other continents...

    And if the you are outnumbered (and you will be sometimes), find an advantageous position and watch the certs roll in. Don't go to the forums and whine.

    I have to deal with being underpopulated a lot (I usually go to the continent where we have the least population for the bonus XP) and I find it a lot more rewarding.

    And I don't think you know what skill means =P
  7. sindz

    Wow, just wow.

    On miller TR will always be highest pop, those are just the facts. And thats how a game like PS2 works, but you cannot have an alert system, that rewards 60% pop more than the 10 or 30% pop factions.

    Outnumbered and rack in the certs? How will you do that when you are warpgate pushed? The big certs you are able to grind while warpgated are insane, I really see your point. Everyone begs to be warpgate pushed to they can farm all the certs in the world.

    And grats on you moving to another continent, but I like the idea of an alert system so you have focused fights and dont have to travel for 35min to actually find a fight. And since the Alerts are broken we need to find a solution and so far all you did is make ******** points that have no relevance.

    And im glad you are able to conclude i dont know what skill means. You actually think a 60% vs 10% pop requires skill to win a continent? if so, I might aswell speak with the floorboards in my appartment.
  8. Redshift

    TR just won Esamir alert, while being 52% and nc and vanu at 10%

    Learn 2 read
  9. Arquin

    Stop sucking and maybe they wouldn't cap it all. I've seen tr get lots of points simply because the VS lack any low-level strategic and tactical thinking because nobody wants to assume command and all efforts to build a coalition is hindered by excessive, ******** virtual bureucracu.
  10. Darkard

    So basically what the OP is saying is that if I want to participate in an alert and get some XP from it I should be penalised if the other two factions don't want to?
    Nobody wants to play NC or VS so that means the TR should get fewer certs?
    I only ever play TR, why do I have to take the XP hit because of disloyal 4th empire players hoping to the flavor of the month?
  11. sindz

    The actual numbers doesnt matter. The problem is, one faction is 10% and the other 50-60% and this happens alot of some servers, and as OP stated it only adds more people to "alert farm" for easy certs. So everyone agrees its broken unless you are the over pop factions (I wonder why). So instead of coming with useless remarks, help figure out a solution for the alert system.
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  12. P4NJ

    Please tell me the exact time when such alerts happen, and the populations on the other continents. Also, send me a message when the next one starts on Miller, my VS character could use some certs =)

    It's not the fault of one faction if the other factions decide to ghostcap the rest of the continents. As for the general population imbalances, they have to be fixed and there are a few ways to do so; I'm not saying that the problem isn't there, I'm just saying that the solution proposed here is bad.

    If you're pushed to the warpgate, your platoon should coordinate with the rest of the forces on the continent and push out. Concentrate your firepower, take a base and push out from there. Us TR were at the SE Indar and NW Esamir warpgates too, we know exactly what it's like to be warpgated...

    I move to another continent when there isn't an alert, to get the bonus XP... I don't know how you concluded that I run away from alerts?

    And you don't know what skill means when you tell that winning alerts takes skill. In the end, it's all just who has the bigger zerg. Where is the skill in that?

    As for fixing alerts and population...
    -Add a random faction option when making characters that favors the underpopulated faction (and also recommended faction for servers)
    -If a faction's population is over 50% on a continent, don't allow more people from that faction to go there
    -If a faction's active character population on a server is over 50%, don't allow more characters from that faction to be made on that server.

    There's other options too, and reducing the XP gain of the overpopulated faction is just plain bad.
  13. Arquin

    TR isnt bad for winning, NC and VS are bad for not participating.

    Op mad cuz bad
  14. Darkard

    Yes and what? Are you not able to comprehend what I said means in relation to the OP or something?

    If the faction I play all the time is overpopulated for whatever reason, why should I get penalised for that? What did I do to deserve getting less XP than any other empire?
  15. Darkard

    Because theres an Alert? That grants 20% more XP on everything? And you get a big chunk of XP for winning it?
    Wha... Do you even play Planetside 2? Did you read the OP?

  16. skeeter1337

    dumb idea if your faction is loseing you would just log out with 1 minute left on alert so the other team would get less xp
  17. HadesR

    ^ This

    Unless it took the average pop balance for the whole alert it would be used as quoted above
  18. Redshift

    Remove it and add in actual continental conquest? the alert system is a badly designed band aid to force people to use esamir and amerish. You need at least 2 more conts and working warp gates, then you might actually see something worthwhile.
  19. Springheel Jack

    One of the dumbest ideas I've seen on these forums.

    "Whaaa, they get more than me!" *footstomo*

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