Cycler vs Cycler S

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    As far as I know, the only difference between the two is that the S variant has more upgrade options and longer reload time. Is it really worth the 500 certs?
  2. Joust

    No weapon is worth spending certs on until you're, well, out of things to spend certs on. Just invest $5 into SC and buy yourself a T1S or NS-11A. They are both far superior to the guns you start with, and there's plenty of posts describing the pros and cons of each.

    Heh, certs on SC unlocks.. Silly :p
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  3. Steinsuppe

    Its worth it if you WANT the extra upgrade options. But only with SC, until you have nothing else to spend certs on.
  4. Goorge

    I did unlock it wit certs and it's worth it i think.
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  5. exLupo

    0.05s TTK difference between the two. The big question is: Forward Grip or Softpoint/HV Ammo and Underslung Grenade/Smoke

    Control vs Versatility
  6. Vibe

    Equip the nubtube and have fun. T1S all da way
  7. Incarnadine

    Sorry to semi necro the thread but I was having the same internal debate earlier...

    I know alot of other S variants (atleast for NC) are seriously screwed compared to their stock equivalents in raw values and make up for it with their shiney attachments. What are the actual negatives of the S cycler compared to the stock one? (Just a little less reload? some accuracy hit? Bloom hit? dmg hit? rof hit? what?
  8. exLupo

  9. Incarnadine

    Any info on bloom? Been playing with it and the bloom feels noteably higher than the default cycler
  10. exLupo

    COF Stand ADS Still/Move/Jump
    COF Crouch ADS Still/Move
    COF Stand Hip Still/Move/Sprint/Jump
    COF Crouch Hip Still/Move
    COF Bloom per Shot

    All the same for both weapons. The Cycler's faster RoF will technically increase the rate at which the CoF blooms but the difference is only 0.043/second.
  11. }{ellKnight

    I unlocked it for certs and TBH I'm very happy with it. It's a very adaptable rifle and even used without any attachments it's quite good. As others have stated initial recoil is lower making burst shots more easy.
  12. KodiakX

    I'm a huge fan of the T1S over the T1 and T1B. If I'm using a Cycler, it's going to be the T1S.

    Unfortunately with the Flak Armor changes next patch explosives in general are going to be largely ineffective with a massive 50% reduction from all explosives. This means it'd take two direct hits to kill anyone in addition to the fact that the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher is already buggy as all get out and rarely reloads and sometimes is a dud when it hits. I'm trying to finish out my Auraxium medal with it (100 away or so) then probably shelve it in favor of the TRV.

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