[Suggestion] Customization on NS Defector maybe?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by SomaKun50, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. SomaKun50

    I've been wondering for a while why we can't really change anything on our NS Defector unit, not even the head.
    Which is kinda confusing and disappointing since you can see such Defector unit with a custom head on the Sanctuary orbital station...

  2. Liewec123

    they abandoned NSO not long after they added it.
    just like with Javelin, 8 months ago they said:
    "This unit is in a prototype state, and will see significant iteration as time passes."
    and have done nothing since.
  3. SomaKun50

    Okay so I guess only time will tell... or not.
  4. brutes359

    Meh. Good riddance i say. NSO was a low effort gimmick made to try and curtail the constant faction switching every time an alert showed up. It was tasteless and boring and served to achieve nothing with the problem. A waste of time and resources that could have been spent on things people actually WANT...Like Melee MAX's or Mech suits, or even just rebalancing...or goodness forbid some effort spent to update the WOEFULLY far behind console version of this game or establish some better data gathering procedures so the devs stop basing all their updates to work exclusively for PC and thus mouse and keyboard controls and thus obliterating the balance of the console version of the game.