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  1. BlopTheBlam

    • Andvari Barracks (CtC rework)
    • 5:45 capture time + 20sec min for first flag run (15sec extra off clock per flag turn in) personally i think this time should either be cut by 1min, or give 30sec per flag turn in(preferable choice, applicable to all bases, but maybe both?), with extra time per flag, the 15-20sec spent taking a flag(esp with large groups/fights) would be more rewarding, and worth splitting your forces to defend both flag, and turn in
    • takes approximately 1min to flip turn in point if defending from attackers( pop will affect speed) attackers have more sundy locations, and defenders will need alternate spawn points to aggressively defend( can easily turn into a large drawn out fight/farm (makes it not a good spot for off hours) BUT i greatly appreciate the defense not being able to wipe all progress in 15sec from a 10min flag run base (wayyy better then current setup, but still a longer then avg fight)
    • also, appreciate making the spawn point harder to turn into a kill box, while also giving more defensible locations for spawn points
    • Andvari South Bank (CtC rework)
    • ditto to barracks, both of these bases i still see being skipped in alerts, (traverse is going to be much more fun now)
    • Jord Amp Station (CtC rework)
    • no changes seen other then flag timers, spoke of above
    • The Traverse (converted back to 1 CP)
    • used to be/ will be a fun, and sometimes frustrating fight, much better, BUT in combination with the 1min cap time from tapp, large organized squads will skip the 2 flag bases and cont site, for the cut off, just like currently played in most alerts, its a 6min rush, vs a minimum 20min slog, 15 if ghost capping from jeagers, to snowsheer
    • Baldur Amp Station (converted back to 3 CP)
    • used to be/ will be a fun, and sometimes frustrating fight, much better
    • Mattherson's Thriumph (converted back to 3 CP)
    • used to be/ will be one of the most fun, and sometimes frustrating fights, much better
    • Spral Oasis (converted back to Construction Outpost)
    • couldn't find resistance to test, but assuming this is going back to the 1min cap time? if so, can we have the point converted to the new construction base style? with the unlimited/ flippable silo this could easily become a very defendable point, and easily flipped if no resistance given ( equal to burgess on indar) would give the holder an edge on jord/ ymir, therefor being a highly desirable location; otherwise we're going to rely on the off chance someone wants to build durring an alert (not an off- lane for off hours)
    does anyone agree/ disagree with my points?
    anyone find something i missed? or want to test further with me?
    thank you to the PS2 dev team for taking a look at these bases, the effort alone means something to the community
  2. lesliehekenas

    This is all great news.

    I assume the update will also fix the hit detection issue that makes the game many times during the day unplayable. Then the flickering cloaking field of Infiltrators, that reveals the position of cloaked unit even while stationary. Then the -0 meters squad mates distance/squad not showing up on the map. It will also fix the continent-wide non deployable zone issue.
  3. BlopTheBlam

    the no- deploy zone issue is build only, and ramdomly (30%?) occurs, needs relog to fix for builds, infil bug is only near sensor array base item, and hit detection is a known client side lag switch exploit, i would assume they know of, and are working on?

    none of which is my topic, but thanks for the upvote on thread, any input is welcome, especailly for the PTS trial/ whole forum topic discussion

    need any and all input for this before it goes live, thx :D
  4. Amador

    I've established initial impressions with the CtC rework on the PTS, however I'd rather withhold major critique until it has seen a bit of exercise among a larger testing playerbase to see it in action.


    ... I can foresee players erroneously depositing Conduits into the Receptacle while it is in a "Contested" state - essentially "wasting the Conduit". To avoid this annoyance, players should be forcibly blocked from depositing a Conduit into the Receptacle while it is "Contested" and in neutral limbo.

    I have confirmed that you can absolutely waste 5 consecutive Conduits while the Receptacle is "Contested" and in a neutral state. This will assuredly annoy players if it ever mistakenly reaches live servers.

    I digress, onto the next topic.
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    There is one topic that I would bring up, unrelated to CtC which has to do with the overall design of Spral Oasis...

    I do strongly feel that Spral Oasis makes for a terrible Construction base. This because the surrounding area is concave and obstructed by various flora. Even after placing a few core structures for Construction, you'll quickly notice that it becomes too cluttered to design an effective base.

    Spral Oasis must be redesigned into something practical or meaningful. My sentiments here are an extension of remarks that I encountered by players in-game previously. Those whom dislike Spral Oasis for lack of space.

    A simple suggestion would be to install a massive Biolab-style dome that encapsulates the entire oasis itself, where both infantry and armor has the ability to enter from below. However is it otherwise protected from air above. Perhaps the nearby towers could contain a capture point and/or generator which can disable the shields from skyward bombardment?

    Merely food for thought as it's better than leaving it as-is. It must be adjusted.
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  5. BlopTheBlam

    really? so the 15 sec added to the clock was eaten up on a contested capture point? where you outnumbered?

    curious, because when i turned one in, while being recaptured, it stopped his cap, threw it into my sides capture from his 90%, and still took 15sec off the clock, although one flag did not fully flip the point, and there where only the two of us there

    guess we'll have to see with more people on live...

    and on spiral oasis, i'd have to agree it is not easy to build an effective base, the foliage doesnt help a bit, but the sloped ground also stops big item placement.... probably a main reason no one builds there now