Crosshair Overlay allowed?

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  1. DangerMeat

    I recently became aware of a video:

    where we see PetrilaihoVS using a mod which gives him a crosshair overlay with a dot/small crosshair in the center of screen, including when in aiming from hip.
    Is this permitted by DBS? I clearly gives aiming advantage over someone who does not have one (all of Pointy's ******** aside).
  2. FieldMarshall

    No, i dont think its allowed.

    I sent a ticket asking if it was ok last year and they said you will get banned for it.
    Obviously not judging form the video though.

    Also, some people activate their aimbots when they rage or really want to kill someone.
    You'll see mediocre players with low KDs suddenly turn into planetside gods while their killboard spikes.
    Im not saying PantylaoVS hacks, but he only had a 2.8 KD and suddenly went on a massive 15 streak after dying to that TR guy.
    Could just be coincidence

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  3. Matt0193

    Don't see why it'd be bannable, it's no different from using the timeless solution of sticking something at the centre of your screen.
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  4. Pfundi

    What is the advantage of such an overlay?
  5. Casterbridge

    Question gets asked a lot, the few responses I've seen have usually been it's okay.

    The advantage used to be more pronounced as crosshairs used to be much less accurate than they are now, at the moment I'm not sure there is a huge advantage other than personal choice, but I've never actually used one so I don't know.
  6. DangerMeat

    It allows you to precisely center your cone of fire on an opponent while aiming from the hip, before you are aiming down sights (ads), allowing you to center your aim more quickly when ads.
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  7. DangerMeat

    Correct, but this is not a piece of tape. It is a third party program.
    Also, look how the animated crosshairs smoothly come together when he transitions from hip fire to ads. Maybe my memory is off, but I don't think regular hip-to-ads crosshairs behave that way.
  8. Shanther

    Yes they are allowed.
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  9. nuclearunicorn

    Oh 15 killstreak with only 2.8KD definitinely massive haxxor's bro, nobody ever done that befo.
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  10. DangerMeat

    And you base this on....what?
  11. pnkdth

    Don't see much point of overlays since they centered the reticules awhile back. Guess if you don't like how certain scopes/sights look you'd want an overlay but I do not see how this would give an unfair advantage.
  12. BlueSkies

    Hrm... might need to look into this so as to not lose hipfire crosshairs when EMP'd
  13. Meeka

    My character SteelPrincess only has a 2.01 KD, and often goes on 20+ killstreaks; 7-9 killstreaks are common, and most sessions I will end with at least a 3-4 KD after playing for a few hours. What your average KD is doesn't anywhere near represent what your actual 'current' KD is... as it may include your history as an inexperienced player.

    My character Meekalew (my first PS2 char) has a 1.68 KD... and despite that, will often go on 20+ kill streaks, can defend a hill from half a squad solo, and 7-9 kill streaks being common... also ending sessions with 3-4 KD session average. I used to suck horribly when I started Meekalew, but now I can often hold my own against top tier, MLG players; at least come out 50/50. But, my KD will never reflect that unless I start a new character, which I'm not doing just to pump the KD... because it's an irrelevant number.

    I've been accused of being a cheater because my play skill doesn't match my averaged stats (which are lower); but my average stats include half my PS2 game life, when I had far less skill.
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  14. TheRunDown

    People are already using them, using already approved overlays.
    I do believe the current Crosshair overlay is using the Mumble dx overlay.

    - - - - - - - -

    Basing arguments and shutting down other peoples opinion/questions and/or suggestion by using their KD is disgusting, if you want to push someone down for their KD, MOVE TO COD!

    If rewrote time and didn't mess about with my outfit and friends, and died so many needless times because I was having "Fun" I'm quite sure my KD would be 15+ on my profile. Most of the YouTubers can easily get 20+ Kill streaks, but if that's all you ever watch them do it WOULDN'T be every entertaining would it?

    A MLG 360 Scopes Try hards opinion means nothing the second they bring KD to the floor.
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  15. DangerMeat

    Well for one thing, as mentioned, you would retain crosshairs while EMP'd. So there's that advantage.

    Plus you would be able to perfectly center your crosshairs on a target when firing from him. This is due to the small cross at the very center of the overlay, which does not appear in stock hip crosshairs. Stock hip crosshairs you have nothing at the center of the screen.
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  16. Taemien

  17. Shanther

    1) There are monitors with this sort of thing built into them.
    2) TS and Mumble overlays are allowed and are techincally no different.
    3) Has nothing to actually do with Planetside 2 also see point 2
    4) Sharpie
    5) No one has ever been banned for them.
    6) Various GM responses
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  18. Gutseen

    so this thing changes the look of the crosshair (in game)
    that ur mod. of the game files.

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  19. Shanther

    What are you talking about?
  20. DangerMeat

    He's talking about the Mumble Overlay being:
    "The overlay is a feature that will overlay the nicknames of users in the channel or users talking over your currently running game. That means you will be able to see who's listening and talking ingame."

    Not an overlay that modifies gamaplay i.e. crosshairs, as Petrilaiho's overlay does.