[BUG] Construction AT turret with AI needs a fix

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by karlooo, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. karlooo

    I noticed that small armored targets like Harasser and Lightening sometimes are untargatable by the construction AT turret (and tower) controlled by the AI module.
    I had one instance when a Lightening tank started engaging my AT turret (not tower) from a distance of 20 meters away and nothing, the tower didn't react to him being directly in front of it, neither by the damage it took.

    I also noticed the AT tower cannot shoot at units 100 or 200 meters away when being engaged on.
    These are very close distances, that even the engineer MANA AT turret can engage.

    The AT tower is designed for long range defense but it cannot even attack a tank at close to medium distances. It's actually a downside to build the AT tower/turret because it does nothing and costs resources.


    Anyways a bit off topic but Lightening tanks needs an increase in size for general balance. I recently experienced just ONE Lightening HEAT tank take out my base. How? He went to a position I cannot defend from and penetrated my wall.
    If it where an MBT I could defend it off because it's simply large. The height of the lightening turret could be like 80 cm lol, and height of the whole tank like 2 meters.
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  2. Johannes Kaiser

    Don't you take everyone's best armored bed! (Deep down we all know that in a Lightning the pilot is lying on a bed, since there is no room to sit. We just refuse to think about people driving into battle while being at risk to fall asleep.)
  3. karlooo

    Yeah seriously, the driver must be lying vertically to fit in there.
    Compare these 2 tanks beside each other lol. The prowler is double the size of the lightening, yet it has only 1k more hp...

    I would be fine with the Lighteneing HP if it had only an auto cannon and not have the ability to change to a single fire, accurate AP cannon that's nearly equal in damage to an MBT cannon.
  4. Clipped!

    I've had this issue myself and also seen it on an allies' base with harrasers or ESFs not being targeted at all (as in not even registered) by the AV or AA tower's AI when they just drove on by within 40 meters of the tower. And sometimes when they do register a vehicle, it's only a good 5 seconds AFTER it came in range, even when the server is not laggy. And there is also an issue with lightnings (and sometimes magriders) being targeted by AV towers but fail to hit at all with their shots just flying right over the tank, even when the tank is stationary. All three of these issues are even more visible and common with the AV turret's AI (the ground hugging version).

    And for base building in general, repair modules need to have a better repair rate for lower health stuff, as it basically does nothing for the 4-8k health towers and modules when compared to the standard building type constructions that have 10-30k health when under fire from just one person. I'm not asking for nigh indestructible walls and turrets, just something that actually makes a real difference for a tower when under fire from a single person/vehicle so that I don't have to worry about it being significantly damaged from such.

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