Connery Lag + Static Aerial Anomalies.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cyropaedia, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Cyropaedia

    There is lag (video lag) on Connery consistent with a memory leak.

    Also, aerial anomalies are appearing non-stop.
  2. DeadlyOmen

    Do people still play on Connery?
  3. Cyropaedia

    Yes. I play VS and we've had the dominant pop lately. About two or more 48-96+ (VS vs NC/TR) battles during primetime. Wild Cards are still strong.

    Asian outfits such as FPSK still play on the server.
  4. FateJH

    Could also conjecture a few other fundamental issues including impositions of the program's basic requirements being met or not being met; but, whatever, memory leaks it is.

    Blaming memory leaks is like saying someone is a fascist. No one is quite certain what that really means but they understand the reference is meant to be negative and "something must be done."
  5. sjtw_w_stot

    Not sure if its the game or server but yeah, super bad lag and strange bugs/glitches. Entire ammo clips not registering, not getting notified when getting hit, go to drop a NC landmine and it drops as a VS one. Can't play the game like this.

    @FateJH, a Fascist is a Corporatist-Capitalist. It's you who doesn't know what the term means.

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