Cockpit display missing - crossfire radeon 7970s

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ActionBowman, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. ActionBowman

    I basically can't see any of the HUD stuff in the cockpit in any vehicle, nice blank slate. I think the equipment terms don't show up like they used to either (the holographic part on top). I suspect this is either related to a recent driver update or a PS patch as it worked fine in beta.

    Here is what I see: cockpit view
  2. ArcticRevrus

    Same issue here, windows 7 x64 with single 6870, also cant see panels on terminals
  3. ArcticRevrus

    any known fix for this?
    also, it has to be a game update, i did not update drivers between the last beta release i played and full release
    although i did attempt to update drivers after i noticed the issue, which did not help
  4. DonnyD.

    Your reticule is also in the wrong position unless you are using cockpit free look in the pic (default middle mouse). You are also missing the warp gate shield. Are there any other thing in the world missing like lighting effects or magrider rockets ( the ones that move the tank not the weapon)? I would validate you assets, open launcher click the wrench icon then validate.

    EDIT: Another possibility is that you have a broken driver. There is a clean install option you can use with AMD drivers but I can't remember how to do it and am to tired to google it.
  5. ArcticRevrus

    done both, those were the first go-to's when i noticed. i dont think i can see tracers from scyths, fuel burners on vehicles can be seen however
  6. DonnyD.

    Just trying to help narrow down what is missing. Can you see HA shields? What about base shields? I have a feeling if you create a list of what is missing and PM codeforge about it they can tell you exactly what is wrong.
  7. ActionBowman

    yeah you're spot-on there, the HA shield graphics have disappeared for me too, all related it seems
  8. Kairus

    It's an AMD driver setting that's causing this. I knew someone who had this problem during beta, but I'm an nVidia user and I cannot remember the setting name. Go in Catalyst and mess around with a PS2 profile.
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  9. ActionBowman

    solution found: I forgot I had 16x af and 16x aa set for something else. putting it all back to application decides fixes all of these issues. Good call Kairus. This should be a knowledge base article somewhere.

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