Cobalt - Extreme ping/ Extreme desync/Poor hit detection

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    I play often. I have noticed since Cobalt and Ceres merge on the 8th of August that there has been persistently bad ping, very very bad desync and issue with terrible hit detection.

    I did wonder originally...when would this get fixed?
    Now im thinking...will this ever get fixed?

    I notice that after midnight once server load drops this does not happen. Is this a case of Cobalt simply being overloaded and can not cope with the amount of players currently playing on Cobalt?

    I would like SOE to now actually do something about this so I can play the game like I used to be able to. I really like PlanetSide 2 but its no secret the game has been a bit of a mess the last 3 weeks or so.

    Please, please, please do fix your EU servers. Im really gutted that I can no longer play like I used to due to the issues I have mentioned above.


    Same again tonight on Cobalt, many many many hits not registering.

    I shot a light assault in the face 3 to 4 times times with Titan-150 HEAT and none of those shots even registered, I was so close it would have been instant kill but there was not even any splash damage or hit marker at all. On the 5th shot or so hit did register and he died.

    Also earlier I was watching KidRiot' Twitch Stream as it was advertised on the PS2 website front page and while watching I ended up lmao as even he was suffering connection "Bad" at top left of screen and stuff was flying and glitching about randomly.
    I would be ashamed to advertise something and when people watch it you can see clearly that its broken to a fair extent.
  3. carete

    If Cobalt is located in the Netherlands, that's probably what the problem is.

    I've tried Copenhagen, Germany and the other side - Dublin - Zero Jitter.

    The Netherlands shows a fluctuating 10-26 Jitter response; the highest I've ever seen to date. Anything over 7 is going to painful for a game like PS2.
  4. tigerchips

    What anti-virus are you using?

    Hello tigerchips.

    Im using Microsoft Security Essentials and the Windows firewall on Windows 7 64bit. Why do you ask?
    This has not always been the case (desync) its just been like this since the 8th of August Ceres/Cobalt server merger and patch, with the exception of a period of about 2-3 weeks back in December 2012 but that was resolved after a patch.
  6. DeckardBane

    All the money spent on this game....right down the drain....Desyncs after 10-20 minutes. Every time, no exception. Tore my bios and hardware to pieces because I thought it was my computer that was the issue. Ghad. Guess I'll check back in a year when the frustration has died down. See if it's any better
  7. MrGrampybone

    I agree, Cobalt is terrible right now and has been for a couple of weeks.
    Not even sure SOE has said anything about it.
  8. tigerchips

    Try disabling voice communication in the game.