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  1. Cristari

    Can someone offer me the location for all the current chat commands for the Live build?

    I have no idea what Command Chat is at all and no one else will offer me the info in game, Region chat looks as though it has been removed and to be honest I'm a bit annoyed that this info doesn't exist in game!
  2. Tooterfish

    Try this video, it covers the more common chat functions, including the ones you've listed.
  3. Cristari

    I'm sorry but I stopped watching that rubbish after the first few seconds it's torturous. Is it yours?

    Someone could just as easily answer the question rather than linking a 5min video of nothing i need to know except the one or two seconds he will probably use for chat commands!


    Right after 2 mins of torture I still don't know what Command Chat is!

    /pl = platoon
    /re was removed so I still don't know what region chat is (or is it completely removed)
    /say is he default chat so no need to type it.

    So this video is about as much use as a open-able window in a space station!
  4. Ebon

    /re is still there. It just takes forever to go through in zerg situations. It took a full minute during a Techplant cap last night.

    Try it in the WG though. Goes through faster. Still it's pretty much useless due to the delay.

    /s = Local Say
    /ss = Squad
    /ps = Platoon
    /os = Outfit
    /yell = Broadcast to friendlies and enemies both.
    /re = Same range as /yell, limited to friendly, massive lag time on it though.
    /t = Tell or whisper. Backspace for default reply.
  5. Juni

    I am also looking for the command for Command chat, however I cannot find it... Is the channel even ingame? I have tried every combination I could think off, but so far, no luck.
  6. Stiny

    /leader to chat with the other commanders across all continents.

    /orders to send a message to everyone of your faction on the continent that you are on with a 5 minute cool down.

    For these to work you need to be a squad leader and have the cert.
  7. Ladaas

    Pretty good description in the video Tooterfish.
  8. gigastar

    Im also aware that theres a /command that tells you how many allies you have in a region, but i dont know what that is.
  9. Robk

    Here is all the commands

    [/s] [/ss] [/sq] /squadsay
    Sends a text message to your squad.
    [/p] [/ps] /platoonsay
    Sends a text message to your platoon.
    [/o] [/os] /outfitsay
    Sends a text message to your outfit.
    Sends a text message to the local area around you.
    [/re] /regionsay
    Sends a text message to all allies in your current region. Your current region is noted on the left side of the main screen above the map.
    [/y] /yell
    Sends a text message to all players in your current region. Enemies will see this message.
    [/t] /tell <playername>
    Sends a direct message to another player. You can see enemy tells.
    [/r] /reply
    Replies directly to a player that has sent you a tell.

    /squad invite <playername>
    Invites another player to your squad.
    /squad kick <playername>
    Kicks a player from your squad if you have permission to do so.
    /squad promote <playername>
    Allows you to promote a player to squad leader if you are leader.
    /squad leave
    Removes you from your squad.
    /squad disband
    Disbands your squad if you are leader.
    /friend add <playername>
    Sends a friend request to another player. You can friend enemy players.
    Lists all current friends online

    /outfit invite <playername>
    Invites a player to your outfit if you have permission to do so.
    [/outfit quit] /outfit leave
    Leaves your outfit.

    [/l] [/c] /leader
    Send a message to other leaders (CR Cert and need to be squad leader)
    Send a message to everyone in your empire on the current continent. (CR Cert and need to be squad leader)
    Sends a message to the entire reigon

    Kills yourself
    /report <playername>
    Reports the specified player for griefing/cheating.
    Toggles the profanity filter.

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