Character Transfers?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NeonSonic, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. NeonSonic

    Ive been wanting to do one from Connery to Emerald for over 4 years. I see no good reason why these aren't in the game yet. Developers could be making more money if they were and people wouldn't be suffering from low population servers since they could just go to the highest one or go to one that suits their location especially with SolTech up for the asian player base.

    I have an old Battle Rank 100 Vanu Sovereignty sitting around on Connery, I did eventually make a new character on Emerald. I currently have 2 characters on Emerald with A.S.P 77 and 78 Battle Rank. Point is though I prefer playing on Emerald and would love to be able to transfer my Vanu Sovereignty from Connery there so I wont have to grind out a 3rd DarkStar Asasult Rifle.

    Anyway its nothing new, another Massive Multiplayer Online Game called Star Wars The Old Republic has Character Transfer Service and it's been around for years. Doesn't cost much to do it either and It doesn't take long with todays technology. No good reason why PlanetSide 2 can't have a Character Transfer Service in the year 2018 going on 2019 especially since its still getting development.

    Please developers put this in the game already, the suffering has gone on long enough!
  2. Vanguard540

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  3. Ak69

    Thanks for the video, i found the moment @ 12:40 to be the most interesting part for people to understand what really is going on regards to ping.

    I play from Australia on Emerald so my ping is always high, i hate it, but i can't play on briggs because it's desolate, so i sacrifice my ping for better battles. Playing on a high ping magnifies the situation, those that play on high ping know what I'm talking about. When i step out from cover and don't see anyone, that does not mean no one is there already looking at me shooting me in the face. Most People don't understand this.

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