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  1. CorporalClegg

    I'm very familiar with the NC carbine arsenal at this point but I was trying to compare the rest and was struggling to place a few

    Default: TRAC 5, Solstice, Mercenary

    Default Burst: TRAC 5 Burst, Solstice Burst, Guass Compact Burst

    S Varients: TRAC 5S, Solstice SF, Gauss Compact S

    CQC Bullet Hose: Lynx, Serpent/VX6-7?, GD7-F

    Light Weight .75ADS: Jaguar, Zenith, Bandit

    Then things are a little more confusing...

    Stable Long Range: Cougar, Pulsar C, Razor, ACX-11?

    TR AMC?

    Where do AMC, VX6-7 belong? What about the pulsar and ACX-11?
  2. Iridar51

    VX6-7 is a CQC bullet hose with minimal differences from Serpent.

    T5 AMC, Cougar, ACX-11, Razor, Pulsar C are what I like to call precision carbines, they all have attachments and stats that make them better at range than other carbines. Cougar and Razor are a bit out of the ordinary, since instead of advanced forward grip they have access to Flash Suppressor, which makes them a bit more generalist carbines, though still very effective at range.
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  3. Nakar

    The AMC, X11, and Pulsar C were all basically released at the same time and the game considers them the same sale category. I consider them to be mid-range generalists, basically a bit worse up close than the TRAC/Merc/Solstice but a bit better further out. The Cougar/Razor are more mid-long-range specialists, with low rates of fire and good throughput.

    VS doesn't have an equivalent to the Cougar/Razor, it instead has two bullet hoses in the Serpent (GD-7F analogue) and the VX6-7 (hipfire specialist). The Pulsar C fills both roles for the VS, with both higher DPS than the Razor/Cougar and better control than them (or indeed any carbine except the Compact Burst).

    The odd man out in categorization is the VX6-7. NC and TR just don't have multiple bullet hose carbines like VS do, and instead get the odd duck 550 RPM ones. And then sale schedules screw up the rest of the categorization, as the Jaguar (the TR mobility carbine) existed before the Bandit and Zenith and thus isn't on sale at the same times they are, with the Cougar in its place.
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