can't click in pts menu

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Sandell, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. Sandell

    After installing the pts when I launch it the screen resolution is very weird and I can't click anywhere or in any option because it doesn't detect whatever it have to detect.
    Whatever the size of the application on the screen it doesn't detect my mouse clicking on stuff, despite I can see the mouse icon moving
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  2. NoSynchro

    I'm having the same issue. Had the PTS installed for several months and played when they were testing the water for Oshur etc. Now I'm having the same issues as OP. I've validated game files, uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, all with the same results.

    i have same issue, i cant click on anything when i launch game. anyone know a fix?
  4. mlmayo

    I'm having the same issue.

    pts does not work
  6. mlmayo

    Same here still. I have to force-close the program.
  7. Marcizz

    Okay, I'm not the only one then.
  8. ShawnF6FHellcat

    Likewise, although the resolution did fix itself after a relog, but I still can't click on anything...
  9. OkiDokiBoomer2

    Anyone have a fix?
  10. Vilhal

    I am unable to click on anything either
  11. Cedarfax

    UPDATE: "Due to PTS troubles. The World Record attempt will TAKE PLACE ON EMERALD. This event will start in 30 minutes. AMERISH will be our continent of choice."

    Their communication isn't great, but I found this message on Twitter:

    "Test Server is available for download, however we're investigating an issue preventing mouse and keyboard inputs. Fixing this will likely push us past our 12pm PT goal for opening PTS to the public, but we're aiming to have it resolved before the 2pm PT playtest. #PlanetSide2"
    Given that there's only 25 minutes before 2pm PT (their time) at the time of posting, I'm not hopeful for it starting on time...
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  12. ProjectPaatt

    Fullscreen or windowed, unable to click or use keyboard.
  13. Captain Chaos

  14. Mr. Gibs

    Having the same issue sadly :(
  15. Cedarfax

    They've given up fixing the PTS today and are on Emerald now. If you have a slot or character you can join them, although they knocked Emerald offline, so not sure if it's back up yet - I don't have a character there.