Can we please get some Infiltrator balance?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhearlessPhred, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. PhearlessPhred

    We are totally at the mercy of those players who can run at Ultra graphics mode...there's no hiding from them, even with Deep Operative 5.

    I know we're not supposed to be completely invisible, but good gawd they also shouldn't be able to see us at 50m fully cloaked and not moving.

    And footsteps......fix the dang footsteps. SUGGESTION: Run/Walk you make noise. Crouch Walk you don't. Can this be that hard to do?

    Or possibly make no footstep noise a tier 5 benefit of an implant?

    And pulling out a knife makes as much noise as two skeletons f**king on a tin roof. Have you ever heard a knife make noise being unsheathed?

    Been dealing with this forever Devs. Please take another look at these problems!

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  2. Vanguard540

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  3. strikearrow

    Vanguard, It's a rendering bug...been around for quite awhile actually. Different issue than the op talks about. Intentionally, scopes show infiltrators as if you were only 5m or less away from them.
  4. Vanguard540

    Yes, I'm aware of that scope glitch. There are many exploits to show infiltrators sadly. But there are also bugs. This one is one of them.
  5. adamts01

    Ultra graphics with particles off. You can see a cloaked stalker right through invisible smoke. This game has plenty of kinks to work out.
  6. Talthos

    Funny thing is, having your knife out actually used to make your footsteps completely silent; they 'fixed' that, not so long ago.

    Honestly, it might have been better to leave that in. It was a neat little stealth trick you could use to more effectively sneak around, and it encouraged people to keep up recon darts/motion spotters. Another layer of depth and complexity that, while apparently accidental, wasn't actually game-breaking.
  7. JobiWan

    I have a bit of banter going with a frenemy on NC. The other night I got accused of using a 'knife hack' in yell (guy obviously never heard of crossbow/quick knife combo) and the frenemy made a funny comment, so I sent him a tell asking if he wanted to see my knife, and he replied, 'you'd never get near enough, I'll see you'.

    And he does always see me, even in full crouch deep cloak. It's poor really that some people get an advantage just because of certain settings in the game.
  8. Zizoubaba

  9. strikearrow

    I don't think the scope one is a glitch, but working as intended. Still as posters noted, the game is broken when it comes to infiltrators.
  10. Vanguard540

    You're talking about something else then, my bad. I saw nasty things on youtube.

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