Can we announce tr defeat and destruction by nc on briggs?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ghosy01, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Ghosy01

    Pls? tr is dead vanu at least hold itself , no point in playing tr anymore
  2. Peter Daniel

    No worries, there is another games.
  3. Ghosy01

    but you are right defiance is coming up soon and hopefully the developers will learn from SOE failures when balancing an mmo shooter
  4. SgtBreastroker

    Are you serious? TR have been winning most of the alerts on the other continents, they put up a hell of a fight on Amerish and Indar the other day to win the alerts.

    They aren't dead, they haven't dropped under 20% population yet.
  5. Ghosy01

    oh yes but we got 22 % population the other day , the onyl reason we are winning alerts is that we ghost cap a lot , i play on alerts im tr main but we learnt that fighting an nc zerg is dumb and we resort to cheap tactics such as ghost capping just to have a chance
  6. Peter Daniel

    We should do a 1 day strike and not play VS or TR until SOE but things back where they belong.

    Let the NC kill each others for a day.
  7. SgtBreastroker

    I hope you realize during alerts on continents the server gets more full and platoons flock to the continent that has the alert. Ghost capping during an alert does not work.

    TR have some insanely good outfits that can hold off platoons from the likes of 41BN, AUNC, TROL and even VFD.

    TR are not dead. They may be the least populated in Briggs, but they put up the best fights.
  8. Peter Daniel

    There 2 things that win a war: superior weapons and numbers. NC have both. Give it time you will see.
  9. SgtBreastroker

    While that is true that isn't the case on Briggs. It's more of how smart the outfits are and how resourceful they are. What most outfits don't do is go for center Indar when capping. That way the zerg happy people are busy midlessly killing one another while capping surrounding territories. It is how TR won the Indar alert the other day I pulled VS from a 60% lead down to a 38% draw within 5 minutes.

    Sure NC has the larger numbers but they don't have the superior weapons. They have outfits like AUNC, DROP and 41BN that do the capping. The zergs only focus on Zurvan, Ceres Hydroponics, Crossroads, Crown, TI and Allatum. They rarely move past these center territories.
  10. ReconTeemo

    LOL!!!! come to Waterson, Vanu and TR will show u how it's done. ;) You are absolutely never been to a competitive outfits(NC, Vanu, TR in waterson). Vanu here is better than your vanu in brigs or helios. They have well known outfits alliance. They always have low pop during alert, but they manage to win. They tend to have most hexes in Indar. Yes, NC always have the highest pop, sometimes TR, but that never stop Vanu from capturing Amerish or Esamir. I'm in TR btw.
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  11. RobotNinja

    My gosh. You're like...totally right. So...don't.
  12. ACE McFACE

    Yes, let NC capture everything for one day.
  13. McDrifty

    TR used to be so popular. It had the world population advantage when I started playing in Dec 2012. then suddenly wen the warpgate rotation happened, TR's population dominance dropped then on the next rotation (current setup), TR pop dropped of a cliff???!!

    Im VS and all I want is a good fight. I hate ghost capping, I had zerg's that overpower the enemy. I like the fair fight.

    Now that NC hav the population advantage, did all the TR reroll onto NC?? if so that's really sad and I would like to slap all the chickens who left their faction. NC used to be the lowest populated faction :confused: and now they are one of the most dominating population wise.

    All that aside, TR still put up a hell of a fight during Alerts so even if "World population" for TR is down, their population on the active continent is still good. ALERTS on Briggs draw a balanced 33/33/33 from the times ive been online.