Can anyone explain this please? ( short clip )

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  1. FLHuk

    I don't make threads but I think this needs to stand alone. I need this explained, what have I missed here?

    Note : I play all three, I have no loyalty. For the last few years I log on to the lowest faction on the char selection screen, for myself this ends up mostly VS which I do personally find easier. That's that out of the way.

    • 42 second clip at log on. Alert is ending so I ride it out on the map screen.
    • TR are highest on 33% VS/NC on 32%.
    • 3% is unaccounted for.
    • No timers are set to finish before the end of the alert.
    • Alert ends and at 1 second the percentages are the same.
    • Should be a TR win?
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  2. TRspy007

    There's a bug that makes VS win automatically if there is a tie between them and another faction.

    Also it appears that they managed to flip allatum broadcast at the same time the alert ended. Would make TR tied with VS, which means VS automatically win, even without the bug they would have won as they capped the territory last.

    Explanation 2: sometimes the map doesn't actually track accurately, you would have to count the hexes manually to confirm.
  3. FLHuk

    I thought it may have been that hex too but I couldn't see the timer clearly. But it doesn't flip before zero.

    You can pause right on zero and it's seemingly a moving timer. It doesn't flip during the recently introduced pause we get at the end of alerts now while the server thinks about life and hentai.

    I've seen this many times but it's first time I've caught a recording.
  4. FLHuk

    Screen grab from the original vid at 1 second to go. It seems to suggest it was at least 10 seconds to the timer.
  5. YellowJacketXV

    When all else fails, assume favoritism.
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  6. TRspy007

    then it must just be the percentages displayed weren't accurate. Not the first time it's done that, it would explain where the missing 3% went - to VS.

    Or maybe the game just took into account the tie between NC and VS and made VS win? I'm not sure if the bug makes VS win automatically when they tie at any place, or if it's just when they tie for 1st place.
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  7. FLHuk

    It really must be but again, new player experience. This is truly bloody terrible.

    Oh but outfit wars....
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  8. NotziMad

    I'm guessing it's that 2% not accounted for.

    But I can't explain why TR loses with at least 33 while VS doesn't have 33..

    In case of a tie, people say that it's the decimal, basically, TR might have 33.4 and VS miught have 33.6 but the game only shows TR with 33 and VS with 33.

    But even if that's true, that doesn't help here, cause VS has less than 33, even with a decimal the max they could have is 32.9 which is still less than whatever TR could have..

    So I have no idea basically @@
  9. TRspy007

    No there's a bug that makes VS win automatically in case of a tie for first place. Definitely not a priority ofc, because releasing planetside arena in the form of outfit wars and pointless additions to the game sounds much more important (right?).

    Otherwise it's the faction that got the last cap that gets wins, I'm not sure there's any decimals.
  10. Blam320

    Last I checked, the "Vanu wins ties" bug was fixed. I'm also pretty sure there are decimals related to if your faction is currently capturing territory.
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  11. NotziMad

    yeah I know, but didn't they fix that?
  12. TRspy007

    It was "fixed"....

    not really, they tried to fix it but apparently failed once again. Even last week I believe the bug was still there, unless VS always get a decimal more on their ties when I'm playing (could be a possibility, although based on DBG's usual hot"fixes"....).

    I tried looking into the decimals, nothing very concrete, but apparently there may be one decimal point after the numbers that isn't displayed. If that's really the case, then the alerts are even worse than I thought. Either implement a decimal free system, or display the decimal for less confusion.
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  13. FLHuk

    Let's just hope the Outfit war scores equal correct winners eh :D
  14. Werkitten

    They could simply make an extension of the alarm time by a few minutes, in the event of a result close to a draw. Was this a simple thought that only I had come up with?
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  15. NotziMad

    hah I never thought of that even though it's what they do in football !
  16. FLHuk

    Sadly there's been many a game that has still not resulted in a winner. Penalties....

    It's so simple, just have the bloody percentages count towards the win properly :D