[Guide] Camouflage and Cryptic Behavior (WIP)

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by CuteBeaver, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. TheKhopesh

    Thank you, Cute Fluttersh- I mean, Cute Beaver!
    (That text color scheme. ^_^)
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  2. Heyitsrobbie1984

    Hello Cutebeaver

    a fantastic guide you have there and theres a question I must ask.

    have you been interested or entertained a thought about designing your own camouflage patterns?

    I really feel that people should start a group that researches and develops camouflage patterns that helps with specific areas or design a multicam kind of pattern that blends in with everything in the continent wether its open field or against a background
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  3. CuteBeaver

    I have considered learning blender but still I am learning to code a little before I jump into either Unity or Blender ect.Its funny you say that because I am learning the best way to get ahead in life is self taught skills. I had not considered creating camo but maybe one day in future when my schedule opens up. Or I need a change of pace. I do have this guide up here for reference, and if one of my readers is creating camo patterns then power to them. Important to note is Daybreak can and sometimes does actually alter the camo on Player Studio so its not exactly like the original they would submit.

    On a positive note there is a group that researches camo! The military tends to have an interest in it :) but they are also sensible enough not to have brilliantly bright glowing tracers on their rifles, and they SEEM to be able to control their flatulence.
  4. MisterSlim

    One of the BIGGEST hurdles when teaching a student about how camouflage works is: "Black is NOT 'tactical' Show me a black ghillie suit or ghillie blanket and I will cook you dinner." xD

    An instructor will hand me the marker and have me explain the basics of camouflage, and it's not insanely difficult. The technical terms we use are 'Shape, Shine, Silhouette, Color, and Movement', which can be summed up as "Do you see that shrub? I want you to look like it, and be still." It's actually one of my least favorite portions of courses to aid in teaching, because it tends to be the area where people come with pre-conceived notions about what works based on what they see in movies and such. (Don't get me wrong, the marksmanship portions come with a LOT of the same false information, but that's a bit easier to work out of people)

    I'd love to shake the respective hands of the members of this camo research group. It's nice to know there are people that genuinely know what they are doing, and want to improve a field. xD I hope they write a book!

    -Stay Frosty
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  5. CuteBeaver

    Having family in the Canadian military, and seeing some of the new patterns was pretty amazing. The new designs go leaps and bounds above the old ones you see in movies. Look up CADPAT if your curious about some of the older models that were released to the public. For the record these are the older "discontinued" camos. (Otherwise they would have gotten in serious trouble)

    This video is neat and shows why I love disruptive coloration so much <3 Also I am 99% sure its illegal to own current CADPAT patterns unless your military or issued them specifically. Pretty sure USA has something similar.
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  6. MisterSlim

    Actually the only thing we're not supposed to wear is clothing that portrays us as a service member when we aren't. As long as clothes don't display a rank/branch, then it's completely allowed, in any pattern (so, as long as it doesn't have the little velcro patches on it, it's usually fine). In fact, TONS of students show up to long-range courses in full ghillie suits, of loads of different types and patterns. We can use and wear just about anything the military does in most states (and the things that we can't use or own, then there are usually civilian-ized versions that we CAN use or own). Most of us usually wear de-militarized military surplus gear in the courses I aid in instructing simply because it's super cheap and super durable (not tearing my $90 pants to shreds xD).

    -Stay Frosty
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  7. Heyitsrobbie1984

    Mad, i have a brother in the australian army and my dad was a medic in the army as well. we've recently got a new combat uniform but adopted the colours of the old uniform to suit the countrys landscape and that is our latest camo.


    we even had a digital camo ourselves but it was never adopted

  8. Greiztoph

    Ah wondrous, thank you fellow Canadian
  9. Moz

    Will pink camo and Lumifiber work? :D

    Nice guide though, gonna try some bush sneaking in my derelict tech camo.
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  10. Invictorum

    Here I am wishing that Daybreak would release different armor for my Infil that works like the Lumbifier, but isn't shiny as all hell.

    I've noticed that the heavy edges of some class's composite armor can give them away from a distance. I've seen a few heavies and LA's from 30ish meters due to that armor.
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  11. Invictorum

    The most hilarious one is NC Heavies with Composite armor. It makes them so damn bulky it's almost impossible to NOT see then from a distance away. Don't even get me started on Infil's who wear Lumifiber armor at night while sniping.
  12. Iridar51

    Lumifiber starts glowing only at short range.
  13. Invictorum

    Yea, but there've been times where I've not seen infil's at close range due to good camo choice.
  14. Iridar51

    Yeah, just sayin'.
  15. Gundem

    And then I'm just sitting here, intentonally making myself as flashy and death-and-woe-upon-you as I can.

    Gotta win that pocket medic medkit shuffle dance. They like the shiny ones.
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  16. Corezer

    I wear camo on TR and VS. for NC I wear shapely camo and auraxium armor so that my "friendlies" don't shoot me, they are the biggest threat on the battlefield...
  17. Leelania

    First off, great guide and thanks to the poster above. I was really wondering if camo had an effect, as I'm slowly approaching the black camo directive reward I was wondering if it was useful.

    The only thing missing now is a giant table of faction -> camo -> region guide so that people can figure out what camo is actually useful and in what region (and at what time)... As a new player the choice of camo is bewildering... some of it looks horribly garrish, some questionable, and some looks like camouflage... but begs the question, does it change what people can see?
    Hopefully a better player than I can answer that question (or write the fantastic guide!)
  18. Rikkit

    alays keep in mind, you can equip all cosmetics also in the VR arena, so witht the help of a friend/ multibox, you can check the value of the camo for yourself.
  19. CuteBeaver

    Going through all the camos for various backgrounds cross all the locations in the world - on every graphic setting combination - with and without shadows- is a massive undertaking. I am going to have to make some choices to quicken things up. In the meantime I would suggest having a friend help you in VR, or get a second account to multi- box on the test server and playing around with camos (which are free). CurrentlyI have data for :

    VS: Indar Trees , Indar Rocks, Cactus, Corals, Bushes
    TR: Bushes
    NC: Bushes

    For Bushes TR and NC colors could be toned down... or made so much worse based on camos being used. Derelict Tech Camo on a TR just looks god awful an doesn't have the same effect because the red is bringing out yellows in the camo pattern making the entire thing more obvious. Think lettuce with ketchup and mustard slathered all over it. Enemies would look at that bush and think... Whats wrong with it? lol.
    I created the image above for someone wanting to disguise themselves in CQC with an SMG and appear less like a TR toning down the red slightly. Essentially trying to cause hesitation for the enemy. This wasn't designed to hide in a bush or anything but it illustrates how much color play can affect faction markings. He ended up using the right one with the cowboy boot. This player was using something dirty we call disguise cammy. Goal is just to cause hesitation for the enemy or reduce the chances of being identified as an enemy when darting around cover. Emphasis was placed on finding a helmet that looked NC, reducing the impact of red faction markings, keeping attention away from the TR chest logo by painting the gun too, and forcing your eye to pick up on blue right away. Simply playing a game of what do you notice first. PS: Doing something like this will get you team killed. Would recommend cloaking around friendlies.
  20. Tormentos

    Indar Canyon V2 works well on the greenish/brownish tones on Amerish, Hossin and Indar. Here a screenshot delivered by a pal, melding his Sunderer almost with a Hossin tree, if not for the decals, the blue light and the red, it would take a second look to spot it. A more organic form would appear even less.
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