Call of Dooty

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OSruinedPS1, Jan 25, 2023.

  1. OSruinedPS1

    About 10 years ago I got a free Call of Duty game with my video card, played it for 2 hours until I realized enemy players were constantly spawning behind me, making combat a random melee.

    Random melees are boring, mindless and lame.
  2. BengalTiger

    It was actually CoD Warzone that got me back to PS 2 after a several month long break.
    Their combined arms mode was missing sooooo many things PS 2 has....
  3. OSruinedPS1

    You don't think enemies appearing in random directions, because they are spawning in random directions, is boring mindless and lame?
  4. Demigan

    What are you complaining about? If you know where the spawnroom is, the objective and a general idea of where the Sunderer is parked (hint, usually in just one or two places even if they attempt to “hide” it) its pretty easy to figure out the general places people will be.

    Even if all you have is a building its pretty easy to determine where people will be. You have entrances your faction can easily reach which are generally safe, you have the main entrance of your opponent and you have side doors that may or may not contain enemies so either use one of them yourself while your allies keep the main entrance down or stick to the main hostile entrance and make sure your allies protect you from flanks.

    Try Engineer for example and place mines and Spitfire turrets. Or be an Infil and place a recon tool so players cant surprise you. I assure you that as random as it may seem to you, most players act predictable.