[Suggestion] Buff the AR-N203

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by 23rd enigma, Mar 7, 2023.

  1. 23rd enigma

    Buff the Ar N203 because it's easily one of the worst ARs in the game. It has the worst hip fire, reload speed and Rof in the Nso assault rifle category. Its fire rate during the burst isn't fast enough(same rof as bandit) to reliably hit 1 burst HS kills and loses in long range performance compared to other burst fire weapons. The Nc vanquisher is a clear upgrade of this gun, and the lacerta has a much higher rof with the same 167 max damage potential.

    I suggest we buff it fire rate(from 476 to 550-600) or give it 0.75 ads so that it'll be a ns pilot primary.
  2. ganthercage

    600 is too loud but I'm with the increase
  3. Shadowpikachu

    Looking and playing with NSO rifles as an NSO myself, they are SUPER range based with the N203 being the complete sweat instapop option that can still down people with bodyshots at range given all of the AR's make other NSO guns feel like they have insane kick.

    I'd say just give them all 0.75 ads to hammer home the flexibility on the flexibility faction, i enjoy NSO a ton and there are tricks to maximize winning cqc fights.

    For the N203 i'd rather it's min ttk range go up, letting you sweat your *** off to hit a quick kill on multiple people and pop off in a bit more range since it's a bit short rn.
  4. 23rd enigma

    If you increase the min ttk i would still see no reason to take this gun over any other AR. The N203 ONLY shines when you hit all headshots on a burst. Meaning you get 3 headshots during the 3 shot 630rpm burst. No way you doing this on live play unless your opponent is running in a straight line and even then your bound to miss 1 shot. This guns requires 100% accuracy for a measly ~6% ttk increase over the 600 RPM automatics like the NC mercenary.
  5. 23rd enigma

    One of the problems is that other burst fire(the gen 1 burst AR have no delay between burst ) guns can achieve an effective fire rate of 600 rpm if you master the burst delay. The Ar N203 has a forced delay when you can fire the next burst limiting it's damage output significantly. It already has an average fire rate (632 rpm same as bandit) DURING the burst so it's easy to see why adding a delay makes it objectively worse than a guass rifle burst for example. The Ar N203 Needs an increase to its ROF in its burst to make it usable. The pilot has 750RPM in its burst so I don't see why the arn203 can't have a 800-900 RPM with its current delay. Meanwhile, the lacerta has 1000RPM in it's burst with 167 max damage !